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How to use Google Voice in Canada

We are big fans of Google Voice - it's easy-to-use, accessible, and best of all, free.

Here is one method we recommend on how to setup Google voice for use in Canada.


Step 1 - Pretend to be in the United States

 To activate your Google account you need to be in the US.  You have a few options here:

G oto the United states and use an internet connection at a cafe

Use a proxy, vnc, remote desktop to a computer in the US


Step 2 - Get a US Number

You need a US Number that you can receive a call on.  There are a number of options:

The easiest is to buy a number from Skype $20~


Step 3 - Activate Google Voice

With both Part A and B in place, go to

You should be able to sign up since your "in the US"

Use your temporary number as your primary number and do the google voice activation.

You now have a Google voice US Number.


Step 4 - Use Google Voice in Canada

You can now go to and use all the Google voice services whether you are in the US or not.

 Limitation here is the Android/iphone Google Voice app won't be able to "validate" your phone on your Canadian network.  You can however use the web app without issue by going to on your Android or iphone handset.

You can now benefit from free VOICEMAIL, SMS AND CALLS North American wide anytime.  Greedy telco operators beware!

Step 5 - Get a local Canadian Number to use with Google Voice has started offering a paid Google Voice like service in Canada.  Sign up and get your free local Canadian phone number.

Use thier options to forward the phone number to your Google voice number and turn off the voicemail option.

You can now use a Canadian local number to allow people to call you using Google Voice.

Thanks for reading.  Questions or comments?  Let me know if it worked for you in the comments below.

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nabil, Friday, 23 Oct. 2015

which virtual number shall i use for create gvoice number?

Anonymous, Sunday, 26 Jul. 2015

use voxox to get a US number for free and validate using an IP address altering software...

Opeyemi, Thursday, 14 May. 2015

I like Google

Jon Aston, Thursday, 30 Apr. 2015

This was a waste of time and $20.

H, Sunday, 3 Aug. 2014

So I think you're mistaken ib step 4 regarding being able to validate the canadian number from your handset. The reason why I think is because GV can't send txts to Canadian numbers as they block this from their (Canada's) end. Not sure who blocks it but the message is that the carrier does not support GV txts...which is stupid because it's an incoming txt from their perspective. So unfortunately there is no way to verify a Canadian number on GV.

Bright george, Sunday, 23 Jun. 2013

How to pen the voice caller

ml, Tuesday, 11 Jun. 2013


Ronald Joseph, Sunday, 14 Apr. 2013

I'm in Canada I want to use Google voice

name, Wednesday, 13 Mar. 2013


naynay, Tuesday, 20 Nov. 2012

So I am going to live in canada for about 4- 5 months. Can I get a google voice us number and receive my calls from my us phone forwarded to google voice? I am looking for a way that I can keep my number.

gani, Monday, 3 Sep. 2012

Try to download the app at Its free to call anywhere in US or Canada over wifi or data plan.

Nick, Wednesday, 29 Aug. 2012

In Step 4, when you try to call a US no. from Canada from, Google voice dials a US no. from my phone, which means it is dialing an international no. from my Canadian phone, which in turn means I have to pay for the international call. So, the whole idea of calling for free gets defeated. Afterall, if Google voice is going to dial a US no. from my phone, then that is the same as me dialling a US no. directly from my phone. So, why do I need Google Voice then. I hope you got my point. So, the whole 5 steps become a waste of time. Pardon me if I am wrong and please explain. Thanks, Nick

T, Monday, 23 Jul. 2012

did it work?

Brent, Friday, 6 Jul. 2012

OMG it worked! I used the textplus + calls app that Saucy recommended and it was easier than ever.

Saucy, Tuesday, 3 Jul. 2012

For those who dont want to spend any money on a us number, you can simply download the "textplus + calls" app (for iphone). You get 10 free minutes which is more than enough time for the verification call. Cheers

moshe neuman, Thursday, 21 Jun. 2012

it means that i have to change my canadian number to get incoming calls via google voice cause you cant transfer a us google voice number to a canadian phone

mtk, Tuesday, 12 Jun. 2012

This is not fair suggestion. We should follow the rules and regulation as we accepted terms of google to comply with.

fongo mobile, Saturday, 2 Jun. 2012

or you could use Dell Voice

harjitsingh, Friday, 8 Apr. 2011

awesome....your instructions and help is greatly appreciated...very the point.