Komodo Contacts for Android Blog

About Us

What is Komodo Contacts?

Komodo Contacts is a power contact management app built for Android mobile devices. Few key features of app are:

  • Ability to quickly access contact through fast pick and alpha-sort menu
  • Grouping of contacts
  • View contact list by Company name
  • Easy contact merge & delete
  • Social Media feed integration
Our feature list is growing!  Please visit our blog for the latest news and releases.


Why did you build Komodo Contacts?

We are fans of Android phones.  In fact, we are obsessed with it!  

Everyone on our team owns an Android phone, but one thing we found was the lack of a powerful content management tool.  We rely on our devices to stay in touch, and we saw the need of a mobile app that allows us to organize our address book efficiently. 

Our team

We are mostly hardworking folks who are really passionate about Android.  Short of buying the newest devices, we spend hours researching latest technology and improving user experience for mobile applications.

We are based in Vancouver, Canada.  And yes, we get lots of rain, but our proximity to the ocean and ski hills makes it all worthwhile.

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you.  If you have any suggestions, questions, media inquiries, or just saying hello, please email us at info@komodocontacts.com.