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When you unlock your android phone and put a sim card in from another carrier it can be a challenge to get the settings just right for MMS, LTE, 4G/3G etc.

AutoAPN takes care of this all for you

Just install AutoAPN.

Press Check Settings

Press Apply Settings

This will automatically adjust your APN settings to match the current sim card in your phone.

That simple.

Get it here:

AutoAPN on Google Play

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johnny - 2013-06-28

You're an idiot. Play Store it is all Canadian carriers and US as well is a major yo is a major yet with my virgin with my virgin sim card installed it recognizes version but has no APN settings for that carrier thank god im pay money for your crap why don't you just tell the truth why do all your developers lie about what you can do with your app does one day Google what stop empathizing bragging about the number of apps in their store any of this when they be on quality and over 98 percent you apps will be gone just withdrawing your or do what you say you ca sto stop lying