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How to setup Msn, Hotmail and Live email on android phones

How to sync your Hotmail Messages and Contacts with your Android Phone

Microsoft recently enabled active sync for all hotmail users.  This means your android phone has full support for synching email, contacts and calendar items onto the phone with any @msn, @live or @hotmail account.

Here are the setup instructions for users running Android 4.2.  These screenshots were taken from my Nexus 4.

Follow these steps to add a hotmail account to your android phone via Active Sync:


Open Settings and scroll down untill you see + Add Account

Click Corporate or Microsoft Exchange

Enter your email address ( and password and click Next
Enter the following input for the following fields:
Doman\Username: \
Password: ********
Exchange Server:
Change the settings to your liking.  The defaults are fine for most people.

Your hotmail account will now be created and ready for use.


Anything to add? Got a question? Let us know in the comments below.


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shara, Sunday, 27 Sep. 2015

I did all these steps and I still can't get my hotmail back to my device what else to do help it keeps saying Authentication failed

Debbie, Wednesday, 23 Sep. 2015

Has anyone had the issue where after installing to phone, the contacts disappear from the pc? No place to add anything and get the error "This page is temporarily unavailable. We're sorry, there was a problem showing this page. We experienced some technical difficulties retrieving the content."? Any ideas as have the "people" or contacts return?

Nancy, Sunday, 20 Sep. 2015

My email is already set up its just not giving me any new mail since August 9th what can I do

Lei, Friday, 11 Sep. 2015

It still says unable to connect to server. Sorry I'm just an idiot when it comes to stuff like this.

Ruth, Friday, 11 Sep. 2015

Thank you, your directions were extremely helpful and the only ones that got me thru the first try.

Judith Anne Liddell, Thursday, 10 Sep. 2015

I keep getting same emails over and over again really making me angry

Gloria Solis, Tuesday, 8 Sep. 2015

If you have the two step verification process set up on your email account, turn it off and your email will sync.

barbara c., Sunday, 6 Sep. 2015

did not connect. is the exchange server always or in my case should it be

kk, Tuesday, 1 Sep. 2015

I try as per the instruction but first I do auto setup but its say ur password is wrong after go to manual setup so now its say couldn't open connection to server I Fred up now what to do

Stella Murphy, Monday, 31 Aug. 2015

following your instructions and its telling me my password is incorrect. i couldn't remember it so i changed it and it won't work

Matt M, Friday, 28 Aug. 2015

I used these instructions with one exception: If you're using 2-step verification, it doesn't need to be disabled. Simply create an app password for it and use that instead of your regular password. This is done inside your standard MS account settings, not your mail account settings. I used this method to setup my Hotmail account.

Nani , Thursday, 27 Aug. 2015

Thanks. I had downloaded many apps but they didn't help at all. but this just helped.

jill, Wednesday, 26 Aug. 2015

I have installed several apps for hotmail and they all messed up my phone. This so far been the best way to get my email! I'm not so bright when it comes to my phone....I'm a little old school. Thank you for the step by step instructions!

Ahmed, Wednesday, 26 Aug. 2015

Thanks A lot, it took from me 4 days trying to setup my Hotmail account and failed. your steps sort out my problem. Thanks it is working with me FINALLY

paula, Tuesday, 25 Aug. 2015

Aargh! 2 days trying to sort this, still not working authentication failed message!

Charles Heinz, Tuesday, 25 Aug. 2015

It refuses to accept my password! That's the issue I'm trying to resolve! I can't get assistance anywhere. Can you please help?

michelle , Friday, 21 Aug. 2015

I have forgotten my password to my account

Acacio, Friday, 24 Jul. 2015

Working....looks like the solution.... for all domains and also. Thanks

hossam, Sunday, 19 Jul. 2015


jackie newlun, Thursday, 9 Jul. 2015

This did not help. I get the message. This account is usually provide by your work. Not a work email. LG g4

Andrea, Tuesday, 23 Jun. 2015

YES! Thank you for this easy set up.

pat, Friday, 19 Jun. 2015

I have many try to set up but the phone have been show Authentication failed. Note : For PC can open the Hotmail as well. How to soft this problem on samsung moblie.?

john, Thursday, 18 Jun. 2015

i got my e-mail back with your help thanks

Venkat, Wednesday, 17 Jun. 2015

Working perfectly. Thanks

Venkat, Wednesday, 17 Jun. 2015

Working perfectly. Thanks

Robyn, Monday, 15 Jun. 2015

Tried this and it still dosen't work on my galaxy note 4. message I get is Unable to set up account.

cindy, Sunday, 7 Jun. 2015

I have attempted to sync my email account with my Android.... followed the steps you provided, but I keep getting the message "account already in use". Assistance needed, please.

Anonymous, Thursday, 4 Jun. 2015


Jacki, Wednesday, 3 Jun. 2015

I got a message that Microsoft is no longer supporting, so I uninstalled it and installed Outlook on my Samsung Galary S# phone. Emails and contacts wouldn't sync. I finally deleted my account at Microsoft Exchange and followed your instructions given above. Now everything is gone, and nothing syncs.

Vijay, Sunday, 31 May. 2015

Hi, you're advice was helpful. However, I can't add. Thanks.

Andy, Saturday, 30 May. 2015

I had to go into Hotmail account settings on my computer and disable two-step verification, then I was able to install Hotmail (using email not corporate). It was the only thing that worked. Was having same problems as everyone else here.

Bob, Saturday, 16 May. 2015

Hi, you're advice was helpful. However, I can't add / amend / delete contacts nor amend / delete existing appoinntments on the calendar. Have I got to dump hotmail and switch over to google systems altogether?

Cheska, Saturday, 16 May. 2015

Ive tried all this but i have a Hotmail.CO.UK address instead of .COM and it won't have any of it. HELP! My .COM address for a different email works perfectly...

S. Abdullah, Friday, 15 May. 2015

Thanks it works on Samsung Galaxy Young.

Renier, Friday, 8 May. 2015 now opened in my LG 3G after a long struggle.Don't know what I have done differently from your instructions but thanks.Regards

Tony, Thursday, 7 May. 2015

wow I sent 4 days fighting this over and over every time it said your password in invalid 4 days I did a full reload same thing I read this worked first time I've added this account to phones for 14 years don't know why it didn't want to work... well its working now thanks

mike, Monday, 4 May. 2015

Cannot view emails older than a day or two, why can I not look them up? This sucks.

cindy greaves, Sunday, 26 Apr. 2015

I don't have an MSN account so what's the next plan

bijoy Dutta, Saturday, 25 Apr. 2015

I want to create a Hotmail account in my Samsung s duos android

Interested reading, Thursday, 23 Apr. 2015

No certificates found on my SD card. What next?

rachel, Thursday, 23 Apr. 2015

Where do we find the domain name? Or are domain and user name interchangeable?

Cathy, Thursday, 23 Apr. 2015

Thanks, your easy to follow instructions worked!

Antonia loera, Saturday, 18 Apr. 2015

having issues setting up,please help (I get No certificates found)

Anna, Friday, 17 Apr. 2015

Samsung S4, since Yesterday I cannot see Hotmail messages (inbox, sent, folders, etc) but they are on the server and I can see from the computer. I have also other email address (POP , IMAP)and with these no problem. Is perhaps an Hotmail problem or is my phone? Thanks

Teresa , Friday, 17 Apr. 2015

I have a Sony experia and my phone has stopped receiving emails, as of Saturday April 11/15. If I go into settings it says I that my account was last synced today April 17/15 but still have not received any emails unless I go online to sign into account. Thanks

Jerry Norbury, Thursday, 2 Apr. 2015

Thanks - this worked for me with a address. Moto G 2nd gen, Lollipop.

Linda, Thursday, 26 Mar. 2015

I recently swapped from an iPhone 4 to a Sony Xperia Z3 and my hotmail synchs perfectly with my PC except for trash. When I empty the phone trash box it's all still there on the PC. Can you help please?

Anonymous, Thursday, 26 Mar. 2015

this is OLD and incorrect info.... take it down

sassy, Sunday, 15 Mar. 2015

I can now read my sent messages. Set up was easier than I imagined. Thank you :)

connie, Friday, 13 Mar. 2015

tried and still authentication faild

Aloma, Thursday, 12 Mar. 2015

My Hotmail will not connect to the server. the email and pass word are all current and correct. Help

WW, Thursday, 12 Mar. 2015

It really works!! Oh thank you so much!

ERW, Wednesday, 11 Mar. 2015

Finally correct information

Ivan, Wednesday, 11 Mar. 2015

Finallu setup that works:)

mariam, Tuesday, 10 Mar. 2015

it says your hotmail account is already in use

mariam, Tuesday, 10 Mar. 2015

it says your hotmail account is already in use

Sue Brown, Saturday, 7 Mar. 2015

I have two e-mail accounts, Hotmail and gmail. They are the same name except for the ending. The problem I am having is I don't remember the password for the Hotmail account but when I try to change the password, I go through the steps and receive a successful change message. When I go to use the password I get a authentication failure message. I don't know what to do now

jorge, Friday, 6 Mar. 2015

This solution does not work on my S5 mobile. Always receive the same message: unable to setup (hotmail) account; any other proposal is very welcomed. Thanks

jorge, Friday, 6 Mar. 2015

This solution does not work on my S5 mobile. Always receive the same message: unable to setup (hotmail) account; any other proposal is very welcomed. Thanks

kristi, Saturday, 28 Feb. 2015

thank you sooo much for th CORRECT instructions..the other sites i visited did not mention that i had to put *m* in the exchange server field. they all said to put thanks again!!!!!

Betty, Wednesday, 25 Feb. 2015

I've been using Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to setup my hotmail for a while but, suddenly today, it just showed sync disable. After that, whatever I try, it just can't set my account onto my mobile. Could you please help, cos I relied on my mobile to get all my emails

Anonymous, Sunday, 22 Feb. 2015

I have tried to add my Hotmail account but when I enter my details and password it brings up "authentication error" so I can't proceed with set up

kamii, Friday, 20 Feb. 2015

My email ends with and when I followed your instructions I found myself with the following: POP3 , IMAP, ExchanExchange I dont understand that concept but I tried them all but it still didn't seem to work Could someone please help me x.x Thanks

PJ, Wednesday, 18 Feb. 2015

My S5 is using up all my data on my Hotmail. How can I solve this. Thanks

Shin, Friday, 13 Feb. 2015

You may need to enter an "App Password" if you are using the default Mail app on your android. You need to sign in on the PC to get the App Password and then on your device under the server settings, enter the generated password.

Pam, Monday, 9 Feb. 2015

This helped tremendously with my "authentication failed" on my Samsung Galaxy S5 (reading comments and trouble shooting with those as well). I had to enable POP from my PC, and also turn off the 2-step verification. Then, BAM!, it worked! :) Thanks for the help!

M, Monday, 9 Feb. 2015

For those having issues with "authentication failed" you MUST enable POP on your Hotmail account from your PC BEFORE installing on your phone. By default Microsoft sets it as Disable. Login to your Hotmail from your PC and go into Settings - then sellect Connect devices and apps with POP - and Enable it. I have been trying to add Hotmail to my phone for 6months and am now able to use Hotmail on my phone

pete, Monday, 9 Feb. 2015

galaxy 3 i get a message that email name is in use and am not allowed past that screen. it is shown on the phone but wont go any further

Ferzana , Thursday, 5 Feb. 2015

It is still giving the same message authentication fail And says there is problem with security certification sight

Pulin Shah, Tuesday, 3 Feb. 2015

The instructions given dont work for me. it says " username, password or client certificate incorrect" while my username and password are correct. i logged in on my laptop. Can u hep me to setup my account on android. i have a sony xperia Z 2

Carol, Tuesday, 3 Feb. 2015

I keep getting authentication failed. it asks for edit details, I click on it and it checks then goes back t failed. I followed your instructions, please help! I am having too much trouble with this simple task!

Stephen Pilgrim, Monday, 2 Feb. 2015


Cynthia, Monday, 2 Feb. 2015

I realize this is for Samsung Galaxy s4. I just purchased an s5 and cannot get my email to authenticate. Any suggestions? Should this work for both s4 & s5?

libraryms, Monday, 2 Feb. 2015

Easy and successful. Thanks.

Singhappy, Saturday, 31 Jan. 2015

Failed to connect to server. Why? No problem before.

Bek Warner, Friday, 30 Jan. 2015

Thank you!!!!!! I have been looking for days for a tutorial on how to set up Hotmail addresses on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and yours was exactly what a technotard like me needed!!!! Thanks!!

josephat kawishe, Sunday, 25 Jan. 2015


Rajkumar Bansal, Saturday, 24 Jan. 2015

I am not able to connect my account on android phone

Steven, Thursday, 15 Jan. 2015

Great Thanks, worked fin for my hotmail on a samsung galaxy S4

Beth, Thursday, 15 Jan. 2015

I was having the same issue and tried the manual setup and still got the authentication fail. I ended up just down loading the msn outlook app (free). Its a pain not having my msn combined with my other emails under the email app but at least I can check my msn until the issue gets fixed.

Sue, Wednesday, 14 Jan. 2015

I can't get more than 2 days view of my inbox emails on my Samsung S5

Arun Sinha, Sunday, 11 Jan. 2015

I am getting 'Authentication failed' message when trying to add Hotmail account. What to do?

barry , Saturday, 10 Jan. 2015

What is the domain name for msn

kanwar, Saturday, 10 Jan. 2015

hey this didnt work for me. it says " USername, PAssword or client certificate incorrect" while my username and password are correct. i logged in on my laptop. Can u hep me to setup my account on android. i have a sony xperia Z

Greg, Thursday, 8 Jan. 2015

Still telling me that Authentication failed, I can logon with a desktop with the correct email and password but not when I enter info on Galaxy3.... help!

Michele, Tuesday, 6 Jan. 2015

Thanks, this was a great help.

Carol, Thursday, 1 Jan. 2015

Thank you so much!! What an easy fix to add my live acct. to my Samsung. Simply shut off the two step verification. Wish I had come across this online 2 days ago!!

irene, Wednesday, 31 Dec. 2014

incorrect server address or the server requires a protocol version that email doesn't support edit details ???? what does this all means pls.tq

Emma paslawska, Monday, 29 Dec. 2014

Thank you.I've had a second hand Android phone with no instruction to the phone and was having problems setting up was quick and your simple instructions have sorted the problem.

Ana, Wednesday, 24 Dec. 2014

Thanks so much. These instructions fnally worked for my ematic

corie starbuck, Thursday, 18 Dec. 2014

My live account isn't letting me check my e mail. It keeps saying"server password has been changed??? I don't know what that means.since I can't check my e mail my alternate e mail is

Dave, Tuesday, 16 Dec. 2014

Tip: If you have two-step verification set up on your msn account, be sure to turn it off first

Alex, Sunday, 14 Dec. 2014

These instructions were so easy to follow. Thank you.

IRENE, Friday, 12 Dec. 2014

Thank you so much. I have a chinese android phone which was supposedly set to Australian standards. Could not get any of my emails, NOW I CAN!!!

IRENE, Friday, 12 Dec. 2014

Thank you so much. I have a chinese android phone which was supposedly set to Australian standards. Could not get any of my emails, NOW I CAN!!!

IRENE, Friday, 12 Dec. 2014

Thank you so much. I have a chinese android phone which was supposedly set to Australian standards. Could not get any of my emails, NOW I CAN!!!

Mirna Perez, Wednesday, 3 Dec. 2014

on my hotmail, it set up fine, but I can't find it in apps or widgets and there is no icon so I have to go to accounts to get it. can you help?

diane, Monday, 1 Dec. 2014

mine does not work... says not connected to network and authentication error... also msn account may have been entered in correctly.. can I delete it and start again? ideas? TY

jeff, Monday, 1 Dec. 2014


Zakaullah Khan, Sunday, 30 Nov. 2014

Many Thanks Dear

Barb, Saturday, 29 Nov. 2014

I set up my hotmail and my gmail in asus tablet. When I receive a shared page link I cannot open it up it is greyed out thanks

MP, Wednesday, 26 Nov. 2014

Worked great! Thanks

cathy nelson, Monday, 24 Nov. 2014

I tried this and it says email already exsists so why cant I send them from my phone.? thank you.

Nk, Saturday, 22 Nov. 2014

I have stil problam with mail help mee gays

Travel Girl, Saturday, 22 Nov. 2014

Android TMobile G2: There was no option to change a port on my . Where do I find that?

Dorothy Samson, Sunday, 16 Nov. 2014

That was for my yahoo account

Dorothy Samson, Sunday, 16 Nov. 2014

I followed the instructions but it still didn't work. It said unable to connect with server. Other times it says authentication error

MA, Sunday, 16 Nov. 2014

I followed the instructions. Still not sure how to access my hotmail account on my note 3

Gillian, Thursday, 13 Nov. 2014

I can read my emails in the inbox but it says no mail in my junk box. When I am away from home I rely on my phone to check for any junk messages and move them to my in box. How do I get to see whats in there?

Cynthia, Sunday, 9 Nov. 2014

I keep getting "Authentication failed"

Alex Maule, Wednesday, 5 Nov. 2014

This worked eventually for me - many thanks. However, I had to go onto the MSN WEBSITE after successive failures, where it clarified that you sometimes (!) have to type in your domain name - in my case, followed by my full email name \****** Without both of those, it just kept saying server not found. Someone else may already have said this, but haven't read every comment as so many. Thank you for the help.

Lisa F, Tuesday, 4 Nov. 2014


xxx, Monday, 3 Nov. 2014

what does domain or username mean?

nugus daandi, Monday, 3 Nov. 2014

my phone is samsung couldn't connect to the server

katherines, Sunday, 2 Nov. 2014

thank you !!!!!

ramjankhan, Sunday, 2 Nov. 2014

Ramjan khan

BEAST, Saturday, 1 Nov. 2014

For those of you who are still getting authentication error, you need to log on from computer, go to account settings and there is an option to create (or change) your app password. That is the password you will need to enter on your mobile device.

John Herrle, Friday, 31 Oct. 2014

still getting authentication failed error

karen, Friday, 31 Oct. 2014

Your Awesome. thanks for the help!!! :)

ashwin, Thursday, 30 Oct. 2014

Very nice work. Explained simple and efficient. Works well. Thanks a lot.

Richard, Tuesday, 28 Oct. 2014

Hi When I send a email, the person that recive it only see my email addres, not my name. How can I add my name so when the person who recives my email, can see my name in place of my e-address. Thx

Bianca Ladbrook, Monday, 27 Oct. 2014

I can't get it to use it I'm getting anoid!!!

Anselm, Monday, 27 Oct. 2014

the result ( you typed an incorrect serveror address or the sensor requesting a protocol version that email dos't support

Anselm, Monday, 27 Oct. 2014

the result ( you typed an incorrect serveror address or the sensor requesting a protocol version that email dos't support

bspulle, Sunday, 26 Oct. 2014

Thank you very much. followed your instructions and got it done without difficulty. Thank you.

vicki, Sunday, 26 Oct. 2014

still getting authentication failed error

Lynn, Wednesday, 22 Oct. 2014

I have an email account and I cannot get it setup on my phone or on my windows computer. I don't know what the incoming and outgoing server type should be or how to find this information. I would appreciate any help I can get with this.

Anonymous, Saturday, 18 Oct. 2014


Aneesa, Thursday, 16 Oct. 2014

Hi im still not geting tru with setting up my email i keep geting authentication failed

Aneesa, Thursday, 16 Oct. 2014

Hi im still not geting tru with setting up my email i keep geting authentication failed

john, Wednesday, 15 Oct. 2014

It excepts my wifes but not mine says password or email address wrong can sign in on internet and tablet excepts

sally , Monday, 13 Oct. 2014

Hi I have a new Samsung Galaxy S5 and ive checked my password by logging on the laptop but it says authentication failed and wont connect?

alexis thomas, Sunday, 12 Oct. 2014

Im 1 month pregnant and looking for a great home

CJ, Friday, 10 Oct. 2014

Did this from new phone lasted 7 days then tells me server not responding so took to AT&T they redid and worked great for 7 days back to server not responding.

CJ, Friday, 10 Oct. 2014

Did this from new phone lasted 7 days then tells me server not responding so took to AT&T they redid and worked great for 7 days back to server not responding.

jen, Monday, 6 Oct. 2014

you just showrd my stalker bf where n how toget me

Cheri, Thursday, 2 Oct. 2014

I have a samsung galaxy note || and everytime I try to do this it comes back authentication failed. Please help.

Sofia, Wednesday, 1 Oct. 2014

Thanks! Couldn't have done it without this.

Omar, Monday, 29 Sep. 2014

It still doesn't work, I always get a message saying my username or password is incorrect but I've already verified my password and username are correct by logging in to my email through my lap top and it works.

Rachael, Tuesday, 23 Sep. 2014

Need to use these account for life!

Kristen Paige Jackson, Tuesday, 23 Sep. 2014

All the sudden Im not able to get my hotmail email to connect from my cell phone. which is I have the hotmail user name

vicky, Saturday, 20 Sep. 2014

Thank you ! I couldnt have done it without this information.

Mona Lisa, Saturday, 20 Sep. 2014

Thank you so much for these instructions. I would not have figured it out on my own.

Leya jet, Friday, 19 Sep. 2014


jen, Saturday, 13 Sep. 2014

Is there a way to prevent the automatic syncing that happens when I use the outlook app? I don't want a bunch of contacts synced to my hotmail account.

Derek, Thursday, 11 Sep. 2014

Can't connect to server is the message I get, even though my settings are identical to what I use in every other device. No 2-factor authentication or anything fancy here. This isn't an OS, it's a POS!

lisjo, Monday, 8 Sep. 2014

Holy Crap IT WORKED!! thank you thank you!!!

Pam Andrew, Monday, 8 Sep. 2014

Thanks a million. I have spent hours trying to add another email address. Don't quite know how but it worked.

jayne, Sunday, 31 Aug. 2014

Thank you!Thank you! Thank you! I was getting so frustrated with my phone but letting me set up my hotmail. I'm glad I decided to look up some instructions. Yours worked perfectly!

Brent, Saturday, 30 Aug. 2014

Worked perfect! I was getting the username incorrect message till following these instructions perfectly. Thanks

dick, Tuesday, 26 Aug. 2014

diff layout for 4.3.0, what do I do then

Pras, Monday, 25 Aug. 2014

Pass/ username/ server error happened when i was not exactly following ur instructions. Later I just followed your instructions verbatim. Despite being outlook i did not alter any instruction that u suggested (which looked like hotmail instruction) and it worked. Thanks.

Juanita, Sunday, 24 Aug. 2014

what is the vodamail port code and security type?

GARY MCFADDEN, Friday, 22 Aug. 2014

setup could not finish the only thing I get

Claire Cadet, Friday, 22 Aug. 2014

If you are trying to set up your email account to your android phone and its not working. I had to set a new password for my email account on computer it then prompted me to use a new app password which i entered under my email address on the phone and it worked! I was getting the username/password/client certificate incorrect businesss its something to do with email providers having two step verification?

Isabel Rosas, Friday, 22 Aug. 2014

When I enter the Domain/username and password it keeps telling me the name or password are wrong and to try again :(

Karen, Thursday, 21 Aug. 2014

Thanks so much this worked on my Kyocera android.

rahman jenkins, Thursday, 21 Aug. 2014

Can i link to my Facebook this way

Hugh, Tuesday, 19 Aug. 2014

Didnt work on my xperia sp "username, password or client certificate incorrect" I have done it exactly as you show, I also tried with the defaults that appeared, i.e., the domain name did not have @hot..... and the server name did not have m. before, all with no luck. Any assistance welcome!

Marijke, Sunday, 17 Aug. 2014

Thank you, I'd been looking for that solution for a while. My phone and computer are talking to each other again ;)

Joe, Friday, 15 Aug. 2014

Found my problem by chance!! For some reason app "exchange services" was deactivated. After activation (see Settings>Apps>All) everything works perfectly again. Thanks for your hints!

JayM, Friday, 15 Aug. 2014

Worked perfectly on my Samsung Galaxy SII running Android 4.0.4. Thanks for this! Very helpful to a new Android convert.

Joe, Friday, 15 Aug. 2014

Same problem as Barbara has. No chance to get it working, always say "unable to open connection to server". Was already working in the past, but stopped working correctly up to some one week ago. I deleted the account, and now I am successlessly trying to reinstall the hotmail and live mailbox: Has Microsoft changed something? (Xperia J, Android 4.1.2)

Barbara Townend, Friday, 15 Aug. 2014

Won't work on my galaxynote just says unable to open connection to server

Mohammad Adil, Tuesday, 12 Aug. 2014


Lynette, Tuesday, 12 Aug. 2014

Thank you so much! This worked perfectly for my hotmail account - just what I wanted.

Leslie hurles, Friday, 8 Aug. 2014

Can't set on verzion droid also forgot password

Gen, Sunday, 3 Aug. 2014

It wont let me do my gmail or hotmail

Pharmd486, Sunday, 3 Aug. 2014

Very nice site! <a href="">cheap goods</a>

megan, Saturday, 2 Aug. 2014

ive tried this method a few times. and each time i go to open my email it says email sync turned off. and it wont load my in box.

Pharmc749, Thursday, 31 Jul. 2014

Very nice site!

teacher Jhay, Sunday, 27 Jul. 2014

Thank you so much! It worked on me :) Have a great day!

Dando, Saturday, 26 Jul. 2014

Hasn't worked for me. I've got a Galaxy Samsung 4s bought today. Have it connected to my Yahoo account but cannot, despite everything, get it connected to my account. Have tried everything.

Patricia, Saturday, 26 Jul. 2014

Further to my comment below - I also had to first delete the existing Live email account off the phone as I was getting the "account already exists" message.

Patricia, Saturday, 26 Jul. 2014

Thanks a lot for this input - I have been unable to receive / send emails from my Galaxy Note 2 since late May 2014. Would have been nice if Microsoft sent out a warning on this "BEFORE" they made the change. Too late AFTER the event as you would not get the email message anyway !

redtyke, Friday, 25 Jul. 2014

Works a treat from the e-mail app on my Samsung Galaxy Tab; many thanks

mango, Wednesday, 23 Jul. 2014

thanks for this it worked a treat, had taken me 3 days to find this.

sheila, Sunday, 20 Jul. 2014

Thanks you so much. I followed your directions and was able to get my msn email up again on my 2 year old HTC Droid. Some of the steps were different, but was able to figure it out. You rock!!

d chen, Sunday, 20 Jul. 2014

Thanks. You're the best help. Workers in the shop couldn't even figure out how to set up.

Yolanda, Saturday, 19 Jul. 2014

Looking at the comments, glad I'm not alone ? Galaxy Note2 "unable to connect to server". Hope this gets fixed soon!

Chris, Friday, 18 Jul. 2014

I've had problems logging into hotmail using android email. It turns out that when I enabled two step verification the app needs a special app password. The link for the info page is here. This has worked for me.

Scott Jensen, Thursday, 17 Jul. 2014

The article's instructions worked for me, although I had to delete the hotmail account I had already tried to set up in the email app. It makes no sense that the setup in the email app would be any different than the Add Account setup.

kay, Wednesday, 16 Jul. 2014

still not working says unable to connect to server it use to work i am going mad

sharon, Wednesday, 16 Jul. 2014

i can't access my MSN email on my android phone either. Keep getting can't access server error. Nobody seems to be able to help. These instructions didnt work. About to throw this phone away!

mirzaabdulaziz, Wednesday, 16 Jul. 2014

I need to use my mobile instead of my sporting email

Roy Barry, Tuesday, 15 Jul. 2014

I cannot set up my msn account on my android. It was on but was deleted accidently. Trying to get it back on but says username or password incorrect. I changed the pw on my PC and it works. How do I do it manually. Extremely business email address.

mike, Monday, 14 Jul. 2014

fantastic help! i battled for days trying to get setup help from microsoft to no avail! thank you sooooo much!

alia, Sunday, 13 Jul. 2014 a galaxy s4 mini and I have problem with my outgoing server for my I received my mail but cant send any! I alao got a and its working perfectly.plz help as im using it on the wifi so its not my network problem as im not using my data.thx

ttnyny, Thursday, 10 Jul. 2014

Thanks. Your tutorial helped me avoid using any of the various poorly-rated Hotmail apps available at Google Play (including the "official" Outlook app, which few people seem to like). And, I appreciate the simple, clean, ad-free interface of the built-in mail client.

Kerry, Wednesday, 9 Jul. 2014

My Galaxy sIII won't sync my MSN email nor Outlook calendar. I can't remove my email account to start it over because it would have to be changed back to factory settings to do so, it says. I can't change any settings to edit the server URL either. I started using the app but it doesn't seem to sync well enough either (locks up) and there is no calendar with it, and it won't sync with my phone's native calendar app. I don't want to reset it to factory settings to start it over, plus I don't know that will fix the problem. Any help please?

Linda, Tuesday, 8 Jul. 2014

Where do I get the Calendar that will sink. Please explain how this works?

Jonel, Tuesday, 8 Jul. 2014

Excellent. Worked a treat

christina, Saturday, 5 Jul. 2014

Got as far as Account setup and server settings but the next won't work or the previous don't understand it , any ideas ?

Don Sexton, Saturday, 5 Jul. 2014

I have been unable to access my hotmail account on my Samsung Galaxy since changing my password

alex, Saturday, 5 Jul. 2014

This doesnt work if you have a live email... lets say I have tried sooo many things... like,,, and none of those things work... I haven't been able to find ANY solution that helps me with adding a email to my phone...

Eveboing, Friday, 4 Jul. 2014

I got my new S5 and did follow your instruction as above for my hotmail account but I'm receiving a message "can't connect to server." Could you please help?

Sneze, Wednesday, 2 Jul. 2014

I change pasword on may hotmail account on pc, and on my android phone I cant sing in ,then I was deleted ''remove account''. And now I cant sign in with my new pasword, I cant add this account on my android phone

Natalie Couton, Tuesday, 1 Jul. 2014

I am trying to get my email on my new android phone but i am getting an error message saying "coudln't open connection to server". Can you please help me.

Joettawilson, Friday, 27 Jun. 2014

Hi to release Facebook

D, Friday, 27 Jun. 2014

Hi - I actually didn't choose the "corporate" route. I picked "email" and was able to synch to my hotmail to the android from there. I agree with others about disbling the 2 step verification security process on your hotmail settings first.

Ernie Hardwick, Friday, 27 Jun. 2014

Am stuck at server settings, obviously am not imputing domain\username correctly, any more advice on this point. Getting could not open connection to server message at this point.

SusanW, Wednesday, 25 Jun. 2014

GOD BLESS the person who suggested turning off the two-step verification process! Worked like a dream and I now have both my Hotmail accounts back. LOVE YOU!!!

Jan , Tuesday, 24 Jun. 2014

done all above and it has recognised my email account, however it will not download messages and when I try to sync it says "email sync disabled". how do I enable sync?

Gutbux P. Belani, Saturday, 21 Jun. 2014

U can email on how to signout n signin hotmail on my mobile

Gutbux P. Belani, Saturday, 21 Jun. 2014

Microsoft blocked hotmail due to securities reason. Now they have restored. It states first I signout n then signin. It has started working on my laptop. On my Samsung Galaxy Grand it is stilll not working. Because I can't sign out. please guide me how to signout on my mobile.

Gutbux P. Belani, Saturday, 21 Jun. 2014

I can't sign out hotmail. What to do?

dave kinsey, Monday, 16 Jun. 2014

Outstanding some idiot tried to charge me £38 for this information

alma yazzie, Monday, 16 Jun. 2014

My android Galaxy S4 won't sync My emails and it says that my master sync is turned off and I've been trying to figure out How to turn it on and so far it's been unsuccessful. Please help me! :(

alma yazzie, Monday, 16 Jun. 2014

My android Galaxy S4 won't sync My emails and it says that my master sync is turned off and I've been trying to figure out How to turn it on and so far it's been unsuccessful. Please help me! :(

alma yazzie, Monday, 16 Jun. 2014

My android Galaxy S4 won't sync My emails and it says that my master sync is turned off and I've been trying to figure out How to turn it on and so far it's been unsuccessful. Please help me! :(

alma yazzie, Monday, 16 Jun. 2014

My android Galaxy S4 won't sync My emails and it says that my master sync is turned off and I've been trying to figure out How to turn it on and so far it's been unsuccessful. Please help me! :(

alma yazzie, Monday, 16 Jun. 2014

My android Galaxy S4 won't sync My emails and it says that my master sync is turned off and I've been trying to figure out How to turn it on and so far it's been unsuccessful. Please help me! :(

alma yazzie, Monday, 16 Jun. 2014

My android Galaxy S4 won't sync My emails and it says that my master sync is turned off and I've been trying to figure out How to turn it on and so far it's been unsuccessful. Please help me! :(

alma yazzie, Monday, 16 Jun. 2014

My android Galaxy S4 won't sync My emails and it says that my master sync is turned off and I've been trying to figure out How to turn it on and so far it's been unsuccessful. Please help me! :(

Rob, Sunday, 15 Jun. 2014

Why will my LG Volt (through Boost) not accept an email account from Can anyone explain how to do this properly? If someone has been successful, can you share it on here please. Thanks! :)

Gee, Saturday, 14 Jun. 2014

finally it worked been weeks without my Hotmail and glad to be up and running again.. the "" didnt work for me I had to put in for the email address try that if doesn't work and make sure you don't have 2 step authentication enabled as well on your account.

rony009, Friday, 13 Jun. 2014

Hey I had the same issue with my computer. I wasted my time on it for many days but finally I got a solution from this link

Anthony painter, Friday, 13 Jun. 2014

I love hotmail miss hotmail

Kori, Wednesday, 11 Jun. 2014

I only can look at emails from the last two days. How can I change this setting to look at the last few months?

RME, Monday, 9 Jun. 2014

I have been having the same trouble that Emma describes. None of my settings have changed and I cannot connect to my server. I checked the passwords, etc. I have not been able to get email from this account to my cellphone since 6/3/14. My tablet and computers connect just fine. I am using a HTC one.

shenise Truesdale , Monday, 9 Jun. 2014

Its still sayind server can not connect

Emma, Saturday, 7 Jun. 2014

Hi my email was working fine on my phone until my desktop asked me to update my security. I have done all that but now it keeps saying my details on my phone are incorrect, yet the same details work on my tablet. I have tried to re add my email with your method above but it keeps saying unable to connect to server.. help will be much appreciated

sudha vishwakarma, Saturday, 7 Jun. 2014

My work email id is I am using Nexus 4(Android 4.4.2). I tried configuring my this email account on my phone by choosing Google and corporate options but I am getting an error saying 'Could not open connection to server'. Not getting what's wrong. The password is correct. Any help? Thanks in advance :)

Brian C, Thursday, 5 Jun. 2014

Thanks to you it seems to be working properly now,was fighting with this for a month or more.Very much appreciated.

Maria, Wednesday, 4 Jun. 2014

Thank you!this help allot I had to follow the steps very closely and I got it after 3 attempts.

Gary S., Saturday, 31 May. 2014

THANKS!! I've been struggling with this for days. Just one time going through your instructions and my hotmail is finally coming through to my android. Again, THANKS!!

KAREN PERKINS, Friday, 30 May. 2014


Smithb67, Friday, 30 May. 2014

A big thank you for your article.Really thank you! Cool. bbgcadcfeeecfgge

Anonymous, Tuesday, 27 May. 2014

Thank you it worked

Anonymous, Tuesday, 27 May. 2014

Thank you it worked

stanley , Monday, 26 May. 2014

authentication failed with the above there an alternative?

dave, Tuesday, 20 May. 2014

Installed on HP slate 10.Dead easy if you follow the instructions (what man does that).Thanks

Wendy Mills, Monday, 19 May. 2014

Tried the above tips. There was no prompt for Port 443. Still says Cannot Connect to Server

Connie, Sunday, 18 May. 2014

my android phone kept asking me for password and now says it is incorrect. I am trying to update security info on outlook on my pc and i am waiting for them to verify and send me a code, i haven't recieved it yet. I am worried i am now locked out. Can you suggest anything?

John Breslin, Sunday, 18 May. 2014

Fantastic! Really helpful and easy for a non-techy to follow. It worked first time!!!

Khandaise, Friday, 16 May. 2014

How can u help

Pat, Thursday, 15 May. 2014

Worked the first time for about 6 months. Then Hotmail on the computer asked me to verify computer account. So I did. Now I can't get any Hotmail on my android. Tried above but it isn't working. Any other ideas for me? Thanks so much for your help.

Lori , Monday, 12 May. 2014

Thanks so much. Had to mess with it a little but got it to work!

Steve.Veitch, Thursday, 8 May. 2014

Keeps telling me Exchange services has stopped

Neil, Friday, 2 May. 2014

Thanks for this. It worked first time.

jan, Thursday, 1 May. 2014

I have a Huawei phone when I press the email icon it says start sync ... Notice other people havesame problem please can u help me resolve problem

kukua, Wednesday, 30 Apr. 2014

i have been trying this for two days now, keeps telling me incorrect user name

thanks, Monday, 28 Apr. 2014


Marilyn Strehlow, Tuesday, 22 Apr. 2014

I have been trying the steps above and keeps telling me "cannot find server" Any suggestions?

Geoff, Tuesday, 22 Apr. 2014

I have been trying the steps above and keeps telling me "cannot find server" My adress is ********** Any suggrstions please?

Geoff, Tuesday, 22 Apr. 2014

I have been trying the steps above and keeps telling me "cannot find server" My adress is ********** Any suggrstions please?

jamie, Sunday, 20 Apr. 2014

Excellent advice hotmail now set-up and working fine after hours of trying to follow the std instructions!

Stephen Beck, Thursday, 17 Apr. 2014

I want to be to have access to 3 months back from current date for emails. Can you assist me? Thanks, Stephen

William ekern, Thursday, 17 Apr. 2014

my gzone phone will not connect to server, nothing seems to work. phone did work but stopped recently

Sal, Wednesday, 16 Apr. 2014

I followed each step and I get an authentication error right after step 4 username domain. What seems to be the pronlem did I do something wrong?

audie, Monday, 14 Apr. 2014

Thank you. I'm new to Android. I've been trying to access my email for thirty minutes, then I came across this and this made setting up my email a breeze. Thank you

James, Friday, 11 Apr. 2014

Thank you KOMO. I was ready to return the phone I just purchased.

Marcus, Wednesday, 9 Apr. 2014

It works for a few days, then forgets all the settings and disappears. Smartphone watch running Android 2.2. Any idea why? Cheers

Gianni, Wednesday, 2 Apr. 2014

I had a similar problem when i got my phone repaired. this method worked for me: go to your hotmail account (preferably on a PC/Laptop). go to SETTINGS scroll down to OPTIONS Under the heading "Managing Your Account", select "Connect devices & Apps with POP" select ENABLE. this worked for me - i now have my Hotmail account linked into my phone. Hope this is helpful

kris, Friday, 28 Mar. 2014

HOLY CRAP!! soooo easy!! i've been trying to do this for more than a week!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

I, Thursday, 27 Mar. 2014

entered all information and it keeps telling me cannot connect to server

Anonymous, Tuesday, 25 Mar. 2014

Thank you for all you help.It was a success!

Wendi, Monday, 24 Mar. 2014

I'm being told that my password is incorrect. What could the issue be? And now it's telling me that it's unable to open connection to server. Help

bob, Monday, 24 Mar. 2014

Followed instructions several times. Always works well except it will not send any messages. What's wrong?

bob, Monday, 24 Mar. 2014

Followed instructions several times. Always installs well except it will not send any messages. What's wrong?

Rae, Monday, 24 Mar. 2014

Thank you so much!!! Instructions worked perfectly. You have saved my sanity :)

robert fage, Saturday, 22 Mar. 2014

I have spent hours trying to set it up. I must be doing something wrong. not sure what domain name is is it my my name (account name. )

Derick, Saturday, 22 Mar. 2014

Thanks, this resolved the situation. Great solution

Marc McCreary, Thursday, 20 Mar. 2014

It's saying Authentication failed! !

MARC MCCREARY, Thursday, 20 Mar. 2014

It's saying Authentication failed!!

SL, Monday, 10 Mar. 2014

Beautiful! Thank you!!!!!!!!

Anonymous, Friday, 7 Mar. 2014

I did as intructed and get wrong email address or pasword and I know they are correct.

Ann, Saturday, 1 Mar. 2014

Thanks, was having a hard time getting Hotmail to work. You really helped, your instructions worked like a charm.

Mike, Thursday, 27 Feb. 2014

I get an error message "couldn't finish, username or password incorrect" but they are not incorrect. lg521 ics

Michelle, Thursday, 27 Feb. 2014

And when doing this for the ????? What do we enter? The word "live" instead of "hotmail?" Please advise asap. Trying to set up my Mom's acct. What a Microsoft mess. Argh!

Roger Burns, Wednesday, 26 Feb. 2014

Laughable how easy it is when you know.Connection on Galaxy Y perfect. Thanks a lot.

Frank, Tuesday, 25 Feb. 2014

I can not connect to my msn e-mail account from my Galaxy SIII Mini. I get to the authentication fail step and that is it.

Donna, Tuesday, 25 Feb. 2014

Just like Debra, i go thru all the steps and still get "authenentication fail" I can get in my msn email thru thr web, so i know my password is right (tho while working on a public computrt 2 days ago, windows live made me change my password.) My server keeps defaultin to HELP! This is killing my job search....

maxine foster, Monday, 24 Feb. 2014

i still cant add my hotmail account on mu samsung rugby smart i spent all weekend tryingg everythhhing and...nothing

Debra, Monday, 24 Feb. 2014

When hit next on last step get message saying "authentication failed"

carlos, Friday, 21 Feb. 2014

Thank you for all you help.

mujeeb, Tuesday, 18 Feb. 2014

How to setup email in huawei tablet

J, Thursday, 13 Feb. 2014

We followed the steps listed - the phone receives emails, but won't/can't send

fixes, Tuesday, 11 Feb. 2014

Thank you for sraight-forward how-to.My live mail server connection ( working on my Bauhm Android tablet and I wasted hours following obscure "advice" before finding your site.I also hit Najib's problem of endless "waiting for sync".(10hrs).My G-mail 'help' search suggested toggling the refresh(equals sync on/off) button several times and this worked,and simultaneously brought my Live Mail back on stream. Thank you.

Eris, Tuesday, 11 Feb. 2014

Thank you so much not even the people in best buy could help me sync my hotmail account. Thanks to you I am all setup. Thanks so much.

Eris, Tuesday, 11 Feb. 2014

Thank you so much not even the people in best buy could help me sync my hotmail account. Thanks to you I am all setup. Thanks so much.

stephen norris, Friday, 7 Feb. 2014

I bought two identical Alcatel tablets. I cansuccessfully add the same hotmail account to one but not the other. The incoming server for the one that works resolves to dub406... the other to Even if I use dud406... it refuses to connect. I have deleted both accounts several times and they come back with the same server settings. How can identical devices not connect in the same way?

Berk, Thursday, 6 Feb. 2014

Thank you. Although I've tried it numerious times through different apps including yours, finally I paid attention to your post and it worked.

LoriMarie, Thursday, 6 Feb. 2014

Thank you! This worked perfectly on android-Sony Xperia phone. Hopefully, this will stick since the last 'auto' set up (IMAP) worked for only about 2 weeks and stopped accepting username and password. Wasted over 1.5 hours of my life searching for this answer. So glad to find it!

Najib, Thursday, 30 Jan. 2014

I tried the instructions above, at the end a message appears (Waiting for sync Your email will appear soon) and its going for over an hour!!! not sure what to do?

Terrie, Thursday, 23 Jan. 2014

Say, I ran into this problem myself just recently for some reason. My MSN account (on the Hotmail server) has been working fine on my N4 (kitkat 4.2) since I got it. I followed the instructions above but was unable to get it to work for me. Then I removed the backward slash from my email address and selected "accept all SSL certificates" and it worked. Perhaps this will help others who still may not been able to get their account setup. The accounts seem to be a bit different in each case. Go figure, right?

Colin, Friday, 17 Jan. 2014

This doesn't work for myself.

Buzz, Saturday, 11 Jan. 2014

great , it worked fine with my account , by the way my account is hosted at windows live service

shian, Tuesday, 7 Jan. 2014

My HTC phone does not offer manual input for domain and user name. It automatically inputs the email address as the user name and hence all doesn't sync

lanell, Sunday, 5 Jan. 2014

This will not sync windows live mail accts

joetundra, Friday, 3 Jan. 2014

If the above instructions don't work, they didn't for me, then go to the attached link and follow instructions exactly and you will have success!

Anonymous, Tuesday, 24 Dec. 2013

How to increase the number of displayed emessages per email when on gadgets and on app itself

Anonymous, Tuesday, 24 Dec. 2013

How to increase the number of displayed emessages per email when on gadgets and on app itself

kb, Saturday, 21 Dec. 2013

I'm getting the same message as messi, keep getting 'authentication failure' when trying to sync the phone; this is after the phone upgrade was done

messi, Friday, 20 Dec. 2013


tae, Monday, 16 Dec. 2013

I have samsung note 3. I try to setting email but the end, It show authentication failue. How to correct this problem. Let me know ASAP

Tammy, Saturday, 14 Dec. 2013

I've done this and then it goes to waiting to sync and gets stuck there forever! I tried removing the account and doing it over but keep getting the same thing. So frustrating! Any suggestions? Thank you!

Ron DeWitt, Monday, 9 Dec. 2013

Says login to the account failed please try again. I've had the account for 10 years.

Linda Hill, Sunday, 8 Dec. 2013

It worked! You need to follow the directions exactly and when you get to the add account screen do not click on email click on corporate and then follow the directions and it worked. I did reset my password for this email account for it to work. My husband tried to sign on to his mail account direct to the webiste and it would not sign him in so he also reset his password for the email. It took about a minute to set up the email on the Galaxy 4 after we re-set our passwords. I spent a hour on the phone with the Verizon people who couldn't get it to work and told me you could no longer receive Microsoft based email on a Google based phone!?!? They obviously don't know what they are talking about!

christine Landale, Thursday, 5 Dec. 2013

followed all the steps and still get 'cannot connect to server' ...I get this message all the time..who is at fault..the phone, the server , or the phone company? all comments and suggestions gratefully accepted.Going nuts Andoid phone. Huawei Thanks Christine

CHRISTINE LANDALE, Thursday, 5 Dec. 2013

Still doesnt open new account.

Mumtaz Hussein, Tuesday, 3 Dec. 2013

Its sayin Unable to send or certificate not installed

Wilhelm, Tuesday, 3 Dec. 2013

It works! Thank very much!

allyson kelly, Friday, 29 Nov. 2013

ve just got the galaxy 2 tab,ive set up my Gmail account, but wen a try my Hotmail account, it says authentication failed, plzz Gmail adr is

Benjamin Klein, Thursday, 28 Nov. 2013

Can't add my hotmail account anymore... Says it can't connect to the server. Tried to add my yahoo one and it works. What's going on?

linda, Monday, 25 Nov. 2013

Have a samsung rugby and msn email account. Cannot get email set up automatic, and manual askes for an account type and port info

Mary, Friday, 22 Nov. 2013

Mines doesn't show a port mobile id...what do i do

mary, Friday, 22 Nov. 2013

It said unable to connect to server

Mary , Friday, 22 Nov. 2013

At first my email was syncing to my smartphone. now I can't even get it to do it. Its like it just stopped and it won't connect to tje server. i don't know what's wrong with it

mo, Thursday, 21 Nov. 2013

thanks was very useful

Daisy, Sunday, 17 Nov. 2013

Add my email address check all my mail.

Russell Jensen, Wednesday, 13 Nov. 2013

your instructions work great with my Galaxy - I have it all set up as you showed. Now how do I get my messages??? It's always something, aint it?

Enoch Olayinka Ajayi, Friday, 8 Nov. 2013

I am a cool headed young man...

Linda, Friday, 1 Nov. 2013

Thanks for the help. Now I have email on my phone!!

Amol Nighot, Wednesday, 30 Oct. 2013

The mail which contain ppt or PDF file can't open ...plz give suggestion

Amol Nighot, Wednesday, 30 Oct. 2013

The mail which contain ppt or PDF file can't open ...plz give suggestion

Anonymous, Saturday, 26 Oct. 2013


V, Saturday, 26 Oct. 2013

I got an error message it couldn't complete request

Vineet Pandey, Sunday, 6 Oct. 2013

It's not working for Samsung Quattro. I have tried so many times but ultimately there is error message is Server not connecting.

Zed Zee, Sunday, 6 Oct. 2013

This is well and groovy and has been around, as a solution since Eclair, but it still doesn't fix the problem that some Android phones DO NOT have the module that can read all your e-mail contacts (from services such as Yahoo! or Hotmail) to show them on your phone...I can't see my entire list (nor do they show up as suggestions, when I type a few letters of their name/e-mail address) on my Android phone. If I reply from my Android phone to an e-mail, that e-mail address will be remembered for next time. But if I want to COMPOSE a new e-mail to a contact from my Hotmail/Yahoo! list that I've never interacted with before on my Android phone, their name/e-mail address does not appear as s suggestion, so I will need to MEMORISE their e-mail address in FULL! This is apparently because some Android phones do not install a particular module that does this job. My hTC Wildfire used to have it but my Sony Ericsson Xperia Play and ThL W8 doesn't! Is there a way to fix this problem, so that all my contacts from my Hotmail/Yahoo! are already available on my Android phone?!

Robert, Thursday, 3 Oct. 2013

AWESOME! Best straight forward solution!! THANKS!

john, Wednesday, 2 Oct. 2013

If I edit a contact on my Galaxy S4, when it syncs with Hotmail, the email address becomes invalid in Hotmail. The S4 sends the email as: "name" <email> and that contact becomes unusable when I do to send. Is there anyone with an S4 who does NOT have this problem. Are you able to edit a contact on the S4 and then send email on Hotmail after it sync?

baiju, Tuesday, 1 Oct. 2013

Thanks its working :D

ana, Saturday, 28 Sep. 2013

my email Show All Folders but I cannot access the contents. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Denise, Saturday, 21 Sep. 2013

I have just upgraded to Sony Xperia m and am trying to get my email updated, but am and not com,keep on getting COULD not finish, could not open connection to server, any ideas

nick, Saturday, 14 Sep. 2013

And outing incoming setting same .for Optus prepaid

nick, Saturday, 14 Sep. 2013

Are the settings for incoming and outing

marie kearney, Tuesday, 10 Sep. 2013

did the above instructions, but it says it cannot connect to the server.. ???? very frustrated.. it worked before.

mary, Monday, 9 Sep. 2013

Thank You soo much!! This was very helpful and solved my dilemma :)

kritsada, Saturday, 7 Sep. 2013


SNH Sai, Saturday, 7 Sep. 2013

sync is getting delalyed after setting up of account

Lisa, Thursday, 5 Sep. 2013

instructions were great, however my calendar still isn't shown... it was there this morning, now it's gone.

Jason Alexanda, Thursday, 5 Sep. 2013

Thank you so much for your help it was very helpful and easy to understand.

Marlon, Wednesday, 28 Aug. 2013

Thank you, this solution worked. Just to clarify for all other readers, I was having an issue with the basic email setup, it kept having errors and problems connecting to the server. By following this suggestion and creating exchange accounts on my phone the problem has been resolved. Thanks.

Julie, Tuesday, 27 Aug. 2013

Thank you so much this worked for me. Am new to smartphones and this worked on my Samsung Galaxy Mini III. Cheers

thebigstartupexperiment, Saturday, 24 Aug. 2013

this worked a treat on my Galaxy Samsung Ace, I now get all of my folders by scrolling across the top. I did end up with 2 hotmail accounts; just deleted the version which didn't show the additional folders - thanks!

alain, Thursday, 22 Aug. 2013

great. Working perfectly on sony xperia v on 4.1.2 with a account using the m server.

SLC, Friday, 16 Aug. 2013

It appears that there might be a server issue with hotmail going on at the moment. I am experiencing the same with my Galaxy S4 since earlier this week - it worked fine until then. I went to a computer store yesterday to inquire about it and the support person there has the same issue with his iPhone, also since beginning of this week. I had already tried deleting and re-adding my account but that did not help it. Guess all we can do at the moment is wait until Microsoft gets the bug fixed ;-(

B D Kabra, Friday, 16 Aug. 2013

I am trying to instal my hotmail account on Nexus4, at the end it says canot open the Server, needs more information as how to instal the hotmail account. Thanks

Graham, Wednesday, 14 Aug. 2013

Strange to say my hotmail account hasn't received any mail via my phone since December last year. Wanting it working now, I followed the above but all I get is Setup could not finish.... Username or password incorrect... They are definitely correct! If I try a manual setup it comes back with a 'cannot connect to the server'. Before I deleted my existng account, I tried changing various server connections and even though it said it couldn't connect the setting were auto changed to the correct settings. Like Lynne Shaw below, I too have a hotmail account. Something is definitely blocking the connection as if I use a tablet or laptop, works fine. As I mentioned, up to Dec 2012 it worked fine.

DKM, Tuesday, 13 Aug. 2013

I added my hotmail account to my phone and it works well except it doesn't give me access to my Junk folder. Is there something special I need to do to see that folder too?

Lynne Shaw, Monday, 12 Aug. 2013

I have followed your instructions but it isn't working. I have a account so I switched the info from .com to Is this correct

derek, Friday, 9 Aug. 2013

Do you know what the exchange is for regular msn acct?

Terry, Saturday, 3 Aug. 2013

Everything seems to work but the syncing wants to go on forever

Kathy, Thursday, 1 Aug. 2013

Thank you! Your directions did the trick!

Amir, Thursday, 1 Aug. 2013

I tried EVERYTHING possible and i was unable to get my hotmail account working--until i saw your directions! Thank you very very much!!!

Zatamon, Monday, 29 Jul. 2013

Thank you! I've used hotmail as social jub before and was not able to reply the mails in my phone. It fixed it works like charm :-) Best

Bonnie, Friday, 26 Jul. 2013

Is anyone else having issues sending emails from there smartphone? I keep getting "send falied"

Android User, Thursday, 11 Jul. 2013

This did the trick, Android Tablet w/ Android v4.1 Jelly Bean.

denise bennett, Monday, 1 Jul. 2013

I do all this but another screen comes up sayinh I need to do pin password for lock screen??

Guest, Saturday, 29 Jun. 2013

Two-step auth has to be disabled before adding outlook/hotmail account. For the people who has 2-step auth enabled, your credentials will not work. make sure you disable and try again.

billy, Thursday, 27 Jun. 2013

still gettin unable to connect to server

hilary, Wednesday, 26 Jun. 2013

thank you so much... my hotmail is once again syncing to my android phone. you did it. --- a bit confusing, though: at the 2 first fields (where email address is required), you wrote, while the screenshots simply showed _''. it worked w/o the msn.... it worked!!!

Alp_wong, Saturday, 22 Jun. 2013

Hi' how do I open an attachment? Thanks

seta, Wednesday, 19 Jun. 2013

Thanks for this info, but the exchange did not work for my "live" email.

RobA, Wednesday, 19 Jun. 2013

Thanks for the help - it works perfectly.

Jim Conlon, Friday, 7 Jun. 2013

When adding an account (MSN), it tells me it is already added as a corporate account?

Vinod Kumar, Wednesday, 5 Jun. 2013

Waiting how it work

ISSAKAMARA, Wednesday, 5 Jun. 2013

iwanttorecieve a mail to my friends

Blah, Monday, 27 May. 2013

Stopped working on android since 24/5/13. now have to install the outlook app to get emails.

Rah, Tuesday, 21 May. 2013

Works Great! Thanks alot

naz, Friday, 10 May. 2013

I cannot reset the Hotmail account on my phone? How can I reset it?

cassie jones, Friday, 10 May. 2013

I have not received MSN emails for last 2 weeks on my Android...AND you took out all of My Calendar appointments...I no like are messing with my livelihood!!!!!!!!

dee, Thursday, 9 May. 2013

awesome works great thanks for the help

ihsan, Wednesday, 8 May. 2013

thanks a lot. it working.....TQ again

Amanda, Tuesday, 7 May. 2013

Ek sukel om in te teken in my hotmail account

jp, Friday, 3 May. 2013

useless. no parameters for live mail

Ian Dile, Saturday, 20 Apr. 2013

thank you so much. without this my phone refused to connect to hotmail servers

Derrick T, Friday, 19 Apr. 2013

Wow thanks I updated my hotmail to outlook and it messed up the settings on my nexus 7 the exchange server was STILL set to this has been driving me nuts thanks again

HopeMcCloud, Thursday, 18 Apr. 2013

Android 4.0.4 Click on Live click on Show All Folders my hotmail folders are all listed but I cannot access the contents. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Barry, Wednesday, 10 Apr. 2013

Worked like a dream!! Many, many, thanks

frank, Monday, 8 Apr. 2013

not precise enough, every little detail must be right, Notes on left do not tally with Figs Figs are not as my HTC

Brian, Tuesday, 2 Apr. 2013

Mostly useless, nice to see how it can be done if you have a special rom or jailbreak andriod, plain jane andriod not worth the effort

Mel Cruz, Tuesday, 2 Apr. 2013

Excellent!!!!!! Got it 1st time out!!! Thanks!!!

Roxanne, Monday, 1 Apr. 2013

Plus it keeps telling me my email already exists yet I am receiving zero emails and can't send anything. Its asking me to verify my email with a code it sends me but it isn't sending me that code.

Roxanne, Monday, 1 Apr. 2013

It still isn't working for my samsung II after the software upgrade I did... but worked before stupid upgrade :(

umesh kumar, Sunday, 31 Mar. 2013

This really works Thanks.

rhushi, Sunday, 31 Mar. 2013

thanks.... keep posting

Al, Thursday, 28 Mar. 2013

Works great. Now, let's say I add a phone number to a contact on my phone, how can I get my phone to automatically sync the change to my contacts at Windows Live?

John, Sunday, 24 Mar. 2013

I cant connect Please help!!

Rachel, Friday, 22 Mar. 2013

After hours searching the internet finally an easy straight forward answer that works! Thank you.

Tony, Thursday, 21 Mar. 2013

Many thanks, it worked like a charm.

Lupita , Wednesday, 20 Mar. 2013

I keep getting a message that reads incorrect user is or password. I know they are correct

Sommay, Sunday, 17 Mar. 2013

Sommay wathsanouvongsa

Scott, Saturday, 9 Mar. 2013

Msn email stopped working on My Touch cell phone. Alert says server not accepting email and password?

eric, Tuesday, 26 Feb. 2013

couldn't work even having a active sim...having the same as other users unable to connect to server

I did it - put in your sim, Monday, 25 Feb. 2013

the above will work if you put in an active sim!! it worked after I put in my sim. very easy

Nev, Sunday, 24 Feb. 2013

Didn't work. Put in all details as supplied. Setup could not finish Unable to open connection to server

weldon shaw, Friday, 22 Feb. 2013

i have hotmail set up on my lg android 4g, i can receive hotmail emails but i can not respond back to them. I keep receiving a error saying email did not send authentication error. how do i fix this.

Suz, Monday, 18 Feb. 2013

tried until I am ready to throw the phone out the window. Doesn't work

John, Sunday, 17 Feb. 2013

Tried several times. I get an error message 'Couldn't Finish - Can not connect to server

John, Sunday, 17 Feb. 2013

Tried several times. I get an error message 'Couldn't Finish - Can not connect to server

H., Thursday, 31 Jan. 2013

Thanks a lot, it worked!

Paul, Sunday, 27 Jan. 2013

This setup did not work.

fern , Saturday, 26 Jan. 2013

mine still doesnt work i dont understand why :(

Christina, Thursday, 24 Jan. 2013

Thanks so much finally I was able to get results.

Luc van Vugt, Monday, 21 Jan. 2013

Clearly I am not the only one that profits from you sharing this info. Thanx!

Rich, Thursday, 10 Jan. 2013

connection worked but sz waiting to sync....your email will appear soon but it doesnt.. help

Ren, Thursday, 3 Jan. 2013

Worked Great Thanks

Laura, Wednesday, 26 Dec. 2012

e-mail quite working on android so have tried several times different options and this is the first time it worked!!!

Mariecar, Wednesday, 26 Dec. 2012

Have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, I set up the email but on Windows Live, it says "sync disabled." Please help Thanks.

doyle, Saturday, 22 Dec. 2012

didn't work !

Alba, Friday, 21 Dec. 2012

Thank you so... so muxh...the pics helped... thank you... thank you

Aggie, Thursday, 20 Dec. 2012

OMG!!! Thank you so much and you have made my day!!! I haven't able to get my emails for 2 weeks on my HTC mobile phone. Thank you very very much!!!!

Laraine, Thursday, 20 Dec. 2012

Thank goodness! I got it to work after not getting messages for nearly a week! Thank you!

John Packer, Thursday, 20 Dec. 2012

As usual, nothing comes up as shown, and nothing works.

Ann Matthews, Wednesday, 19 Dec. 2012

I have an android phone but it is about 2 years old. Under accounts it does not say Microsoft Exchange active sync. it just says email. dont know what to do...I used to receive mail...just last week, then I started receiving error messages saying could not verify certificate, no matter what I did, still had error messages, ultimately deleted account and then tried to add it again only to receive more error messages...

Raymond, Wednesday, 19 Dec. 2012

I was having the "can't connect to server" problem for the past week or so. Followed the instructions and now everything is working perfectly again.

Deb, Wednesday, 19 Dec. 2012

Wow, you're a genius. Was about to get a new phone. You did what no one at Verison, LG, or msn could do! Followed the instructions exactly and now Hotmail is working perfectly! THX THX THX

christine A, Sunday, 16 Dec. 2012

telling me cannot connect to server, Even had the cell phone company help me...12-16-12 still not working. now what?

ulla wik, Saturday, 15 Dec. 2012

Hej i värmen

Andrew Vogel, Friday, 14 Dec. 2012

telling me cannot connect to server

Jonathan, Friday, 7 Dec. 2012

The setting seems be fecognised with a tick next to my account name and my livemail folders visible and accessable but whenever I go to any folder it is just a black screen with no messages. Please help!

ysanne bonner, Friday, 7 Dec. 2012

Keep trying to set this up but get hte message ' Setup could not finish. Unable to open connection to server'. Please advise. Thanks.

Hannah, Thursday, 6 Dec. 2012

I have been using my email account on my phone since January but this past month If I read an email on my phone it still comes up unread when I enter my hotmail account from my computer. i now have hundreds of emails in my inbox online. Anyway to sort this?

Q, Thursday, 6 Dec. 2012

Thank You....

Bill , Sunday, 2 Dec. 2012

Great procedure. It worked like a charm. Other tries failed. Thanks!

rachel, Saturday, 1 Dec. 2012

i got the instruction but when i clic k calendar on my android it asking for me to renter the msn info and then it says it si duplicated? so how do sync the calendar ?

jason, Friday, 30 Nov. 2012

THANK YOU!! I'm not sure why this does not work in the default email app, it is the exact same interface and set-up. But it no longer matters finally it is set up.

kate, Friday, 30 Nov. 2012

thanks from austria :)

Oliveira, Robenildo, Wednesday, 28 Nov. 2012

Good job....Thank you!! Works perfectly!

jim raynor, Wednesday, 28 Nov. 2012

omg thank you so much!! nothing worked this is just like exchange. If you have android 4+ click manual an put "\" in domain and "" in username

paul keane, Wednesday, 28 Nov. 2012

I have managed to sync my windows live Email but not my calandar for my Samsung 511 cell phone. suggestions

wickets, Sunday, 25 Nov. 2012

thanks,,,,worked perfectly

fatz, Thursday, 22 Nov. 2012

says unable to connect to server

Dirk, Wednesday, 14 Nov. 2012

Best step by step guide i found, worked for both hotmail accounts i have

Claudia, Monday, 12 Nov. 2012

Thank you!! Works perfectly!

Jacob, Sunday, 11 Nov. 2012


rick, Monday, 29 Oct. 2012

same here. Unable to connect to server. Tried and figure it out? Btw, mine used to work. Stopped working on 10/28 around 10pm.

le, Thursday, 25 Oct. 2012

says can't connect to the server, EVERY TIME

le, Thursday, 25 Oct. 2012

says can't connect to the server, EVERY TIME

Juan, Sunday, 21 Oct. 2012

It is enough open google incognito tabs in your android and then you can open hotmail without problems (as in your laptop)

waqas, Saturday, 20 Oct. 2012

i have revised same procedure did not work before.but now i did it again and it worked amazingly.thanks very much

Ellen Zehna, Monday, 15 Oct. 2012

messages that I delete via my computer still show up on my Samsung/Anddroid. So I'm having to delete everything twice. How can I sync the two?

Eric , Friday, 5 Oct. 2012

I set up wife's hotmail on droid but no icon to check or notifications when she gets new mail

Fundoo, Wednesday, 3 Oct. 2012

hi, Thank you sir for your help, it was very easy for set up after reading you Thanks a Lot again Satyen Sodha

toula, Tuesday, 2 Oct. 2012

that was the only blog that helped me! many thanks!

Beth Macaluso, Monday, 1 Oct. 2012

After selecting "Add an account" my only choices are: "Corporate" and "Google" I do not have the Microsoft Active Exchange option. Also, I do receive my hotmail emails to my phone, but I cannot SEND emails from this account. Can you advise??

simone santos , Monday, 24 Sep. 2012

Quero atualizar meu email

zach, Sunday, 23 Sep. 2012

i did all that three times, and get a message saying sync is currantly exsperiencing problems. help using 4.0 android

Huzefa, Sunday, 23 Sep. 2012

setting up hotmail on android 2.2 was a breeze after reading your article. Thanks

Carl, Thursday, 20 Sep. 2012

As previous post - I'm tryin to sync email from an account that is from but have no idea what to put in the field "domain" PLEASE someone help me.... going crazy!!!

carl, Thursday, 20 Sep. 2012

This will make me sound really thick nut what exactly do I type in the domain field?? lol

David, Wednesday, 19 Sep. 2012

As Alicia below, my Sony Ericsson Arc would not sync. It says setup could not finish, cannot connect to server!! Any fixes?? Thanks

julia, Tuesday, 18 Sep. 2012


Alicia, Monday, 17 Sep. 2012

my Acer tablet still won't sync to my account. it says couldn't finish, cant connect to server. ive tried all the suggested methods of changing the server name but it wont work. It works on my android phone but not the tablet. any fixes?!?!

Darwin, Sunday, 16 Sep. 2012

Fantastic! Worked brillant for my Galaxy w. Thank you so much!

meeee, Wednesday, 12 Sep. 2012

Thanks! Works great!

Tapan, Tuesday, 11 Sep. 2012

Excellent! I love Android phones for their user friendlyness and simplicity.

kelly, Sunday, 9 Sep. 2012

very helpful in setting up my hotmail acct. thank you

Judah, Thursday, 6 Sep. 2012

Any had any luck on a asus transformer prime? None of the ideas on here have worked

bali, Wednesday, 5 Sep. 2012

Android is the Best.

Jacob, Tuesday, 28 Aug. 2012

This is quite a bit outdated and looks a bit different now that there's ICS out and one additional very helpful piece of info is that if it asks for "Domain" and "Username" separately then you leave domain blank and just add your full e-mail address to the username field. Domain=blank username=full e-mail address

Steve, Saturday, 25 Aug. 2012

If you are having the server error, instead of using just use It just worked for me! NOT, just

sam, Friday, 24 Aug. 2012

Thank you

Ardis Huizenga, Thursday, 23 Aug. 2012

I have installed hotmail on my Asus transformer with an Android system. I can't find my contacts. How do I access them?

Constantine, Thursday, 23 Aug. 2012

Great tutorial, easy to understand

Joan Wood, Thursday, 23 Aug. 2012

I have tried using above method on my xzoom tablet but keep getting the response cannot open connection to server. Can you help?

faarah, Wednesday, 22 Aug. 2012

i like msn hotmail but i dont know why and i try to dounlod many time?

John, Friday, 17 Aug. 2012

hey man,thanks, worked super for me, had issues initially then realized my android data connection was off and so was getting error message :)

Mayyah, Friday, 17 Aug. 2012

hey thanks so much 4 this i was dieying when i was getting ma messages l8 bt this really help and has fixed ma problem on ma htc desire thanks soooooo much really appricate it

Remi, Wednesday, 15 Aug. 2012

Installed Hotmail MS Seven application from the market and have access now. Found this below by "E.Goldstein, Sunday, 27 May. 2012". Find the interface "stupid", but may be I am not still familiar with it ???

Remi, Wednesday, 15 Aug. 2012

Did not work. Still getting message: "Cannot connect to server". Any help ?

DJQuest, Sunday, 12 Aug. 2012

Not working for live account

pankaj, Sunday, 12 Aug. 2012

its woking verry well.. thanks dear..

pankaj, Sunday, 12 Aug. 2012

is not working

Divakar Prasad, Sunday, 12 Aug. 2012

Very good explanation and in very clear and precise way. Thanks Divakar

Gary, Thursday, 9 Aug. 2012

when I use .com it fails with incorrect username/password. If I use CO.UK (England) it cannot find the server. samsung galaxy ace plus phone.

odedfos, Thursday, 9 Aug. 2012

Possible solution for the the server connection error: When setting up the account make sure you have a wifi internet connection (rather than a mobile data connection). the mobile data connection might have trouble resolving the address. It worked for me :-)

x3tee, Wednesday, 8 Aug. 2012

Thanks! Set it up excatly as described (did not check the Activate Exchange Security box)and it worked first try. My client (Enhanced E-Mail) supports Exchange so it was easy.

Kerry, Wednesday, 8 Aug. 2012

when i click add accounts - Microsft Exchange isn't an option. How do I get it on there?

sharon simmons, Saturday, 4 Aug. 2012

How do I add a contact to my hotmail using my android

DAVID, Friday, 3 Aug. 2012

Brilliant - so simple - all my contacts available in a few seconds

DAVID, Friday, 3 Aug. 2012


robert, Thursday, 2 Aug. 2012

Use as the server for the transformer prime tablet issue

Tim Karpoff, Wednesday, 1 Aug. 2012

Nearly all contacts and all groups disappeared from my Android (Galaxy SIII). Tried deleting and re-adding the account--no luck. Any ideas? Thanks.

patrick, Wednesday, 1 Aug. 2012

Hi, thanks for this help. managed to set up my account on android. goto input even though it's

Kim, Tuesday, 31 Jul. 2012

Like many others I get a message cannot conect to server. But nobody answers the problem!

Donna, Tuesday, 31 Jul. 2012

Still get no messages on my phone. I have an LG Spectrum

Warren, Thursday, 26 Jul. 2012

Thank you so much. This was very helpful.

im2ru1, Wednesday, 25 Jul. 2012

Thanks.. EXACTLY THE RIGHT INFO I NEEDED to set up my android to check my hotmail email accounts!!

FLORENCE, Wednesday, 25 Jul. 2012


Bob Howard, Sunday, 22 Jul. 2012

Will this process work on medion lifetab android tablet? Thanks. Bob

Lasse, Tuesday, 17 Jul. 2012

Does someone know solution to this issue: Is there some way to set the outgoing "name" for the activesync email account? For example using this method if my email address is "" when I send an email the recipient always sees it as from "myemail". It should be showing my full name since that is set within my hotmail account. Can this be configured on the stock android email client?

LAURA, Monday, 16 Jul. 2012

I am trying to set up my e mail account (hotmail) on my android tablet, but it keeps saying can't connect to server????

s.khan, Friday, 13 Jul. 2012

thank's a lot, it's work's.

Andy, Friday, 13 Jul. 2012

Thanks for the information. it worked very well. the selection was Exchange Active Sync. there was not "Microsoft"

Ryan, Wednesday, 11 Jul. 2012

It should work fine. Just make sure you put \ as your email address and for the server.

Crystal, Wednesday, 11 Jul. 2012

This method does not seem to be working for me. I have a account, so maybe the server name is different? I don't how how to find out what it is though

margaret, Monday, 9 Jul. 2012


liam, Sunday, 8 Jul. 2012

Nelo I also have a transformer and have the same problem, no idea how to fix :-(

Nelo, Thursday, 5 Jul. 2012

Hi, I have Asus transformer with android 4.0.3 and after this last upgrade I cant have acess to hotmail. I remove the acount and try to create again with this instructions but always give "can't connect to server".But using hotmail software for android i can get de the mails. But I want to use the mail appl from android. Any help please. Thanks . Nelo

chuck smolowitz, Wednesday, 4 Jul. 2012

I have an android smart phone through verizon. I cant sync my laptop with the email from my phone. so if I answer an email from the phone it shows sent on the phone but not on my laptop. HELP

jeff hanlon, Sunday, 1 Jul. 2012

This is great advise with the pictures and all. Have had to do this two times. Keep up the good work.

Bob Howard, Monday, 25 Jun. 2012

Will this setup work on an Android tablet. Since auto up grades I have been unable to get my Hotmail address to work. Message keeps telling me it can't connect to server!! thanks, Bob howard

barbara , Sunday, 24 Jun. 2012

I can view my calender but cannot enter events on my phone

Marcos, Sunday, 24 Jun. 2012

MSN asked me to sign on to my hotmail via live for the first time. When I went to do so, it asked me to change my password. So I did. I have not been able to receive hotmail messages on my samsung device since then. I tried going into 'account settings', then 'Incoming Settings' and changing my password to the new one, but this doesn't help. Any ideas?

Jacob, Saturday, 23 Jun. 2012

i use it just for calendar sync and it works just great! finally got rid of the hotmail app which took about 7mb of memory..

NewYankee, Thursday, 21 Jun. 2012

Worked great first time! Thanks! P.S. In Android IceCream it's called Echange ActiveSync, but the instructions are the same.

avril , Friday, 15 Jun. 2012

thank you so much, you sure made it easy to do.thanks again

doryan, Thursday, 14 Jun. 2012

salut doryan ses abraham

doryan gruel, Thursday, 14 Jun. 2012

salut doryan

lucy M , Tuesday, 12 Jun. 2012

Thanks it worked for me even though

memo, Tuesday, 12 Jun. 2012

i have an msn mail and this dont work please help,

Newbie For Android, Monday, 11 Jun. 2012

Keep on encountering error "Couldn't finish" Can't connect to server. Please help....

Anonymous, Sunday, 10 Jun. 2012

Thank u very much

Ruxpin_6, Thursday, 7 Jun. 2012

you da' man!! tanks!

komal princess, Tuesday, 5 Jun. 2012

my new id

Margie Mac, Sunday, 3 Jun. 2012

Very helpfull. Thanks very much!

ghotter, Thursday, 31 May. 2012


woodfsu, Wednesday, 30 May. 2012

found a way to add email id to droid since the above did not work. THIS is a excellent link:

Peter Whitehead, Wednesday, 30 May. 2012

had real trouble setting up my grandson's new netbook, til i logged on to your website. BRILLIANT, thanks...

E.Goldstein, Sunday, 27 May. 2012

Dan, I had the same issue - Hotmail corporate synch working flawlessly for months now until...2 days ago it suddenly stopped. Went to the Android market place and downloaded their new MS+Seven Hotmail app - works again. Interface isn't too bad either. I guess this is their way of forcing application adoption?

jennifer, Friday, 25 May. 2012

I was getting very discouraged with my msn e mail. Thank you for helping me fix my problem.

Spanker, Thursday, 24 May. 2012

It works! Thanks Komodo!

Dan, Wednesday, 16 May. 2012

I have been using this setup on my droid 2 for about 6 months, last week it stopped working. I have deleted the account and set it up again, still doesn't work - any suggestions?

woodfsu, Wednesday, 16 May. 2012

the directions were great, thank u. however, i have a email id. now when i send email via my mobile phone, my address to recipients shows up as and when they reply to my email, their email gets returned with the following error. "This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification. Delivery to the following recipients failed. Did I do something wrong when I set up the EAS?

woodfsu, Monday, 14 May. 2012

I have a id vs id. I set up the exchange account and it works, only problem is when people try to respond to my emails they get a failure notice because emails go to vs. Can this be corrected for an exchange account?

AR, Thursday, 10 May. 2012

my calendar does not show up on my hotmail app on my galaxy ace.....any help please???

Bhavesh, Thursday, 3 May. 2012

The problem I am facing is that when ever I enter my email n my passsord inmyoptimus one ..Derecomes a notification sayin dat username and password I have entered are wrong.. Bt I knw dat I enter dem correctly.. Hav chkd it plenty of tym.. Bt pblm remains d same

Joanne Lucibello, Saturday, 28 Apr. 2012

My emails on my laptop were compromised...I changed my password & now I am able to access my emails. BUT on my cell phone I can not access my emails. The notice I just got after going thru these steps is"The application Mail( stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. I have been to the Verison store, talked to Techs. They said it is my Msn account who is blocking me? To get in touch with Msn. Can you help me? Thank You.

Brittany Mullen, Friday, 27 Apr. 2012


Pat Morris, Tuesday, 24 Apr. 2012

can't get mail on ly android phone, from

jaren lareau, Sunday, 22 Apr. 2012

I forgot my passwords to my email and my Facebook account

Rudy Aguilar, Sunday, 22 Apr. 2012

still unable to connect to server

agron, Sunday, 22 Apr. 2012

MSN hotmail-message 3 of 4

agron, Sunday, 22 Apr. 2012

MSN hotmail-message 3 of 4

s, Monday, 16 Apr. 2012

can I have a list of all email accounts synced on my Android(ATT)

freddie, Friday, 13 Apr. 2012

Thank you so much. I had set up my hotmail and it was functioning except it was not syncing. I tried setting up the account again in the accounts and sync, settings (HTC Google Nexus One)but didn't understand data that needed to be input when it came to domain/username and server. I would never have known to put in ''. Haven't tested the sync yet but the account is now set up where it should be - account and sync settings. Sure it will be fine now. Great instructions. Could not have done it without you! Thanks.

Ashley H, Wednesday, 11 Apr. 2012

In response to psawyer and others with SCHOOL E-MAIL ACCOUNTS: Domain\Username: (no slash in username) Password: remains same Now follow these instructions for the "Server" enter into your e-mail account, Select "options", select "see all options", the page that opens should have the tab "My Account" up, click on the link that reads "Settings for POP, IMAP, and SMTP access..." when the page opens you will find your server settings and should copy and past your specific code labeled "Server Name:" , enter that code as the "Server" and you should be golden.

lucyyy, Tuesday, 10 Apr. 2012

I have a android tablet and when I try to setup an email account it says. "Unable to open connection to server" my email is a hotmail account... help!

simo helali, Sunday, 18 Mar. 2012


Sheena, Thursday, 15 Mar. 2012

This worked great! I tried this on my Samsung Galaxy Note and it worked the 1st time! Life saver! Thank you!

jotahaxe, Monday, 12 Mar. 2012

thaannkkkss!!!! the only tutorial that worked for me! :-)

Ray Baker, Monday, 12 Mar. 2012

My hotmail is not .com and it notes that I am already connected but I do not see all emails on MSN.

amira, Friday, 9 Mar. 2012


mari, Monday, 5 Mar. 2012

Great! Worked on the first try. Thanks.

cara., Sunday, 4 Mar. 2012

hey i did all that but it still Dont work? :/ is it because i have not .com .. i need help!?.

Felix G. Bender, Thursday, 1 Mar. 2012

Great information here. But what's the difference between this set-up and the HOTMAIL APP from the Market? (HTC Hero w/2.2)

Antaine, Monday, 20 Feb. 2012

This doesn't work on HTC Desire running Android 2.2. Keeps telling me my username and password are incorrect. THEY ARE NOT INCORRECT.

Vince Bussa, Monday, 20 Feb. 2012

Motorola Milestone 2. i've tried to set up and sync the phone with windows live mail (calendar), i follow the "bouncing ball" however it does not connect with the server. i also don't have Microsoft Exchange Active Sync however i do have "corporate syc" on my phone. can you help Regards Vince

Anita, Friday, 17 Feb. 2012

Showed an error "ry later" YUCK!!!!!

Roy McCready, Sunday, 12 Feb. 2012

alway get a setup could not finish and edit details after the use secure and accept all ssl cert step.

Alex, Monday, 6 Feb. 2012

Robert: Yes you can. I personally have 2 Hotmail accounts plus my Gmail account set up on my phone. They do not interfere with each other in any way.

robert, Sunday, 5 Feb. 2012

My question,can I have multiple accounts yahoo,hotmail gmail on same phone?sincerely robert

Samara, Sunday, 5 Feb. 2012

Thank You!!!!

Venkat , Friday, 3 Feb. 2012

Thanks for the step by step instructions. This works well. Appreciate your help.

Anonymous, Thursday, 2 Feb. 2012


Bary s, Thursday, 2 Feb. 2012

Hi I'm not getting my email contacts showing up on my phone.... Any ideas??? Thanks

Ben, Monday, 30 Jan. 2012

Awesome stuff. Thanks for the step - by - step instructions :)

Harish Kale, Monday, 30 Jan. 2012

Dear Sir, i unable to configer this id ( in anroid mobile. so pls help me

BoostGirl, Wednesday, 25 Jan. 2012

thanks worked on my Galaxy for Boost.

Richy, Tuesday, 24 Jan. 2012

Nice one, easy to set up, works fine on my Galaxy Nexus

Graham, Sunday, 22 Jan. 2012

Easy to follow step by step guide, worked for me on my Android tablet. Many tnx

mark, Saturday, 21 Jan. 2012

doesn't work

Anonymous, Saturday, 21 Jan. 2012

I need to recieve my email messages on my phone

ETHEL, Saturday, 21 Jan. 2012

The only message i am getting is instant messaging no email

claire, Thursday, 19 Jan. 2012

Thanks..easiest step by step i,ve used ;)

Harish Kale, Tuesday, 17 Jan. 2012

i unable to configure account in my aneroid phone so pls help me

dee, Saturday, 14 Jan. 2012

Worked for my wifes galaxy w.

psawyer, Tuesday, 3 Jan. 2012

I am trying to put this email on my samsung inspire phone email address Password: Z*****1 Domain\username: \ password: same as above Exchange server; Ive tried:,,, phone keeps giving message that it is unable to connect to server. Please advise

Ehsan, Tuesday, 3 Jan. 2012

Awesome picturial guide to setup hotmail which works and easy to find. Thanks

jay, Wednesday, 28 Dec. 2011

Thanks man its very helpfull

MDK, Wednesday, 21 Dec. 2011

how do i set it up if using

kostas, Friday, 16 Dec. 2011

not working on zte blade

Mcwong, Thursday, 8 Dec. 2011

Thanks, managed to setup after 7 months wondering how to sync hotmail in android.

JOHN H, Monday, 5 Dec. 2011

i have spent hours and hours trying to set up my hotmail on my new android phone with no luck. after reading this post, it was up annd running in ten minutes, bless you

bob android marley, Wednesday, 30 Nov. 2011

Please directions for K9 (open source android email client)

Rob, Tuesday, 29 Nov. 2011

Thank you. This was easily the clearest explanation of how to put a onto an Android tablet. After this is done there are a few other decisions to make which could be handy to know about. I was too scared and just left everything as it was.

Anne, Sunday, 27 Nov. 2011

Thanks a lot, i'd been struggling to set up my hotmail on my phone after a factory reset.Thanks.

Martin, Friday, 18 Nov. 2011

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have tried for soo long, searching different forums and talking to friends. None of them have solved my issue. But now, using this guide. PERFECT!

Tim, Tuesday, 15 Nov. 2011

Setting up hotmail syncing on galaxy tab worked a treat and I had tried lots of other suggestions without success. Thanks.

Sam, Monday, 14 Nov. 2011

Also, my email is a school email.... It's set up through hotmail but the end is "," with my schools name of course. :) Does that make a difference?

Sam Brandt, Monday, 14 Nov. 2011

Wont work... :( I've tried following the instructions from about 3 or 4 different sites and nothing worked. I have a mytouch 4g with a 2.2.1 android, and I get all the way to the last screen, and upon clicking "Finish Setup," I keep getting "Failed to create the account. Please try again later." Not sure what else to do! According to all the sites and forums I've been to, I'm doing everything right and it should be working. Hmmm.. Please help?

Evens , Wednesday, 9 Nov. 2011

That was helpful

Michelle Arnell, Monday, 31 Oct. 2011

I have a Samsung Galaxy II and am trying to setup my account to it but Setup could not finish Unable to connect Server is its reply What am I doing wrong can you please assist

Michelle Arnell, Monday, 31 Oct. 2011

Setup could not finish Unable to connect server

Tim, Wednesday, 19 Oct. 2011

This helped. I was looking all morning try to get this right. Then bam, I found your process and it worked. THAONK YOU!

Nahid, Tuesday, 18 Oct. 2011

I had the setting before. but after doin factory reset everytime i try to the settings it shows "couldnot connect to server. can you help?

mytouch 4g, Friday, 7 Oct. 2011

Error: Failed to create the account. please try again later!!!!

Shawn, Wednesday, 28 Sep. 2011

Is there some way to set the outgoing "name" for the activesync email account? For example using this method if my email address is "" when I send an email the recipient always sees it as from "myemail". It should be showing my full name since that is set within my hotmail account. Can this be configured on the stock android email client?

sayde, Thursday, 22 Sep. 2011

Worked sync for the E-mail but NOT contacts were transferred.

Rich, Friday, 26 Aug. 2011

Worked even when setting up a account use and instead of going to settings then sync just go into app drawer and select email and then exchange

Ben Simpson, Friday, 19 Aug. 2011

thanks for this. I tried this after two failed attempts with other sites and now all is imported and set up, thanks! /bookmarks site

Jeff, Thursday, 18 Aug. 2011

Very clear, but left out a step regarding preferences for pushing data etc. IF this does not work, it could be because you still have to set up the account with the Blackberry server - if your firm is using one. For e3xample I had to go to

David, Monday, 15 Aug. 2011

Didn't work.

David, Monday, 15 Aug. 2011

Didn't work.

ED, Thursday, 11 Aug. 2011


Bacon, Monday, 6 Jun. 2011

Need instructions for K9 manual config

niko, Saturday, 28 May. 2011

I've got Android 2.2 and it worked, but I had to configure it trough the mail app, otherwise I get an error.

Dave, Tuesday, 24 May. 2011

the settings for a or a account are the same as above... e.g. in server section

Carlos Lugo, Thursday, 19 May. 2011

Thanks for the config info

Jono, Friday, 13 May. 2011

Which mail programme are you gyus using for this to work?

Cla, Thursday, 12 May. 2011

It worked on my HTC Desire Android 2.2. I too did not have Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, however I have a similar logo than the one in the picture above (the white box) with Corporate written next to it. Just click on that and follow exactly the step by step approach and voila'. I've been waiting for this hotmail sync for some time. IT WORKS. Many Thanks for posting

Paul, Tuesday, 26 Apr. 2011

I keep getting an error: authentication failed. Please verify username and/or password. I know the settings I've entered are correct. Are the settings the same for an account? Does it matter that I have a Corporate Exchange account on the phone? Thanks

Chris, Tuesday, 26 Apr. 2011

for the server settings are identical for other words set the server to

Yehuda, Tuesday, 12 Apr. 2011

what is the server for live? please try to describe it.

Wilfred Tang, Monday, 10 Jan. 2011

Great managed to syn now. thanks for the information

tina, Sunday, 26 Dec. 2010

I don't have Microsoft Exchange active sync. Where do I get it?

Joey, Sunday, 19 Dec. 2010

I followed the steps still don't work

rich, Thursday, 16 Dec. 2010

Is there a way to keep mail on the server when deleted from the phone?

Steve, Monday, 13 Dec. 2010

This is exactly what i was looking for. Instructions were clear, and they worked. Thanks!

Anonymous, Saturday, 11 Dec. 2010

It worked! Very helpful.

James, Thursday, 14 Oct. 2010

Helpful guide thanks!