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how to unlock and install superuser (su) on android without breaking OTA updates


Phone that allows unlocking ie: N1, NS etc

You will need to first install the android sdk for your pc which can be found here:


This should come with fastboot but if you are on osx fastboot-mac can be found here:
fastboot-mac.zip (Fastboot for mac)

Download a custom recovery for your phone. This site seems to have a decent http://www.clockworkmod.com/recovery_images.html
If not try googling for recovery that will work with your phone model.

Download SU for your phone here:

How To Do IT

Copy the custom recovery .img and su.zip files to the SDCard in your phone

Connect your phone via USB and put it into fastboot mode. reboot phone and hold volume down and power. If this doesn’t work try googling for “phonemodel how to get to fastboot or recovery”

once in fastboot mode on your pc enter the commands:


This will unlock your phone. Accept the onscreen prompt.

fastboot oem unlock


Temporarily boot your custom recovery image

fastboot boot customrecovery.img

In your custom recovery use the menu option to flash the SU.zip file from your SD card.

Now reboot your phone.

Your phone is now unlocked and able to run applications in super user mode!


Here are some tools u might be interested in now

TCPdump - Analyze protocols


Dropbear/DroidSSHD  - Secure Command Shell


Nmap - Port scan


If anyone has any specific ports of linux tools that might be interesting for android development let me know in the comments and i’ll add a link.

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Anton Rabadi - 2015-10-03


kj - 2015-09-26


mdtofazzal - 2015-05-29


mohd - 2015-05-02

sir, I am buy new xiaomi redmi 2 and I want root this phone, I am try many times root with cwm recovery but I am always failed. please tell me full method of rooting.

Anonymous - 2015-03-15


war decibel - 2013-06-28

Get super user elite. If u have trouble finding any file online google "expressfiles" it has its own search and download engine

war decibel - 2013-06-28

Once in recovery if you get error. Back up files and do factory reset. Install super user after installing custom recovery.img like clockwork mod. Have usb debugging enabled also.

marhuyuntabakti - 2013-03-19

Update superuser

Firgie - 2013-03-04

i unlocked the boot loader of my HTC Explorer. but now when i am trying to install superuser.zip using recovery mode, its showing an error image(red '!' inside a red triangle). is there any other way of installing superuser.zip?? Let me know please..

Ryan - 2011-09-09

Thanks for letting me know Amanda. I updated the links to for fastboot mac and for recovery images as they were broken.

Amanda - 2011-09-09

HTC seems to have updated their page and the file is no longer available for fastboot :-(