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I ported minicraft to android!  I hope you enjoy it!  You can find it here! 

Minicraft on Android Market

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mikael - 2015-10-04


miki - 2015-10-04

Minicraft pokcet edition

miki - 2015-10-04

Minicraft pokcet edition

Tim - 2015-09-22

Does this still exist on the GP Store? Because I'm getting a 404...

Iansossaolivares - 2014-04-19

El juejo es muibueno esoespero

Cristián david - 2014-03-14


Ryan - 2012-05-08

You can find it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lols.diaf

John Bone - 2012-04-15

Link for Minicraft working. Where can I download it?

soon - 2012-03-02


Sumatori-kun - 2012-02-06

Very good. That is a wise decision you are making by removing the ads. A lot of people would approve of it's addition if the following were satisfied: 1. You have notch's permission to include ads in your port. I understand you'd like compensation for doing the porting and adding helpful features, but again, permission for the original work is needed. 2. If ads are to be implemented, they must be in a non-intrusive place. Being COMPLETELY in the menus would be fine, not during gameplay. 3. You continue updating the game with appropriate features warranting the use of ads.

Ryan - 2012-02-06

That permission was required for an ad network that i have decided not to use. It will be removed for next release sorry about that.

Dave - 2012-02-06

Please justify why the hell you would possibly need phone call permissions... Uninstalling 'til that's removed.

Ryan - 2012-02-06

@Sumatori-kun is right. Getting the interface working and making the game work and testing on all phones is the hard part. Java runs pretty much straight up on android. The way i see it, you can still play notch's game as he developed without any ads in this port. Only if you use the interface i've added to load/save will you ever see any ads.

Sumatori-kun - 2012-02-06

@matthew Android apps are built using Java. Porting isn't hard, but creating the interface for it is. I would suggest he remove the ads until he gets notch's permission to make money off his work.

matthew grice - 2012-02-06

Ryan put a lot of work into this to get it working on android. He had to completely reprogram it out of java and into an android game. The game is free, So he's not making money off the game. It's no wonder he put in adds. He's gotten the ads out of the way So you can play without them getting in the way and he's adding new things to the game. If you people don't want to play a game just because of advertisement why are games like angry bird for android So popular even with ads?

blabla - 2012-02-05


timz - 2012-02-01

Good port, thx. But, how about to add support of hardware keyboard(X10minipro for example ;] )?

Slarpmop - 2012-01-31

Got to love it. Minicraft works great for the Xperia Play. I'd love some more features, though. Tack som fan för ett grymt spel.

Boinq - 2012-01-29

You should share the source code, mostly because i want to see how to ported it XD

PowerPlug - 2012-01-25

my mobile minicraft has stopped working and is acting like before, pls help

PowerPlug - 2012-01-24

Minicraft works on my motorola, could you also fix how its not working on my windows 7

Milo - 2012-01-23

Awesome port. I'd be interested in seeing how you changed the source to run on the Android OS

PowerPlug - 2012-01-22

I have a Motorola and every time I try to open minicraft it doesn't work, please help me.

hamen - 2012-01-22

Hi, are you going to release the source code? I could translate it to italian. Thanks

Anom - 2012-01-21

Awesome. What kind of game?

Ryan - 2012-01-20

I'm just going to fix bugs and start working on my own 2d game!

Anom - 2012-01-20

Will you be changing any content of the game or are you just porting it to android?

pleaseupdateagain - 2012-01-17

Thanks for the update but still needs animals Fence an horses tht u can ride or boats or a train an track now that would be cool

Ryan - 2012-01-16

Yup, i hear controls are inverted on xperia. I will fix this and change it so if you turn off the dpad it will use the old method of moving.

Hene - 2012-01-16

Can you add old controls in setting? (old= not the new d-pad style) Thanks

eltchhar - 2012-01-16

After 16.01.2012 update i can't play.. arows buged i do a misstake to update phone samsung galaxy pro

Mimiaru - 2012-01-15

There is also a bug where after a while (and saving) I cant place dirt, acorns, anything. I have droid incredible. I tried uninstalling and re-installing to no avail. Too bad; I want to progress D:

anonymous - 2012-01-15

Is there deep mines and the nether because i have been looking for mine i just want to know i am not looking in vain

Ryan - 2012-01-14

Working on the next update now! It's almost done. It has better controls, you can toggle the DPAD on or off if you dont like my invisible one. Also fixing problems with save/load. enjoy

Anonymous - 2012-01-14

Love this game but still can't save anything well I can but it will not after I'm done sad when is next updat please thanks

H_B - 2012-01-13

Swiping to move is very awkward, i always end up walking into monsters or turning away from them, please switch to joystick controls (à la Minecraft PE). Looks good otherwise.

Anonymous - 2012-01-13

And make it so u can build houses to live in

brandon - 2012-01-13

Fix the saving so I won't have to restart please make the instutions better

Anom - 2012-01-12

Hmm... well I can't see anything but I can get d pad to work.

Ryan - 2012-01-12

There is a bug where if you have a DPAD it will hide the X and C buttons. They are still there and touchable but you just can't see them. They are on the far right side of the screen. I'll be releasing a fix for this along with Wii Mote support and a fix for planting acorns after saving. Happy Minicrafting

Anom - 2012-01-12

I have Droid x2 I really can't find how the controls work.

Michael - 2012-01-12

I have a problem loading my previous saves it gives me a error is that something wrong with my phone settings or something else. Sent via HTC inspire

Ryan - 2012-01-11

Sure.. equip the powerglove!

ahla - 2012-01-11

Can you please tell me how to pick stuff up

Ryan - 2011-12-28

Ya maybe once i make the controls a bit better and clean it up i'll release it.

George Schneeloch - 2011-12-27

It would be nice if you released your source, since Notch released his