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Minicraft port now called diaf

With over 350K downloads of my original Minicraft port to android i'm sure a few people where disappointed when google removed it.  I have re released it under a new name diaf or die in a fire.


This version has a ton of new features and items including:

Fire that spreads

Gem Staff that shoots fireballs

Pizza, Burgers, Bed

Loading / Saving

Respawn when you die.

Pigs, Cows, Geese


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davi - 2021-03-04


kauan - 2021-01-31


kauan - 2021-01-31


CANAL DO FØX - 2020-03-02

Atualiza coloca mais itens e modo criativo para pegar todos os itens

ryan - 2017-08-20

code is now on github: https://github.com/radiofrequency/diaf

Mooby - 2015-11-21

Is there a key/button that can open the menu? (I'm playing DIAF using a bluetooth gamepad & remapping the keys/controls)

fizzwhiz - 2013-04-29

can you release the old port to the Play Store? i like the old one better