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Motorola Xoom Arives in Canada

I got a Wifi Xoom today and I must say it's pretty awesome!  Real multitasking, futuristic user interface, glowly tron goodness!

Let's face it the killer tablet app is the browser and they don't get any better than Chrome.  Chrome on Xoom feels more useful and familiar to your desktop than Safari on the iPad.  Chrome has tabs, can sync bookmarks and is real fast.  Also there is no better hardware available to run the new mobile version of Firefox 4.  It looks great and runs fast aswell on the tablet.

If you have a bunch of gmail accounts and use alot of google services the Xoom is hands down better than iPad1 or 2.

Anyone else pick one up what did you think?

Oh.. ya and! Komodo Release 1.74 with Honeycomb / Xoom Support





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