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Twitter Follower Helper for Chrome


Is your clicking finger burnt out from Twitter? Mine was getting tired so i built this chrome extension.

Say your friend is on twitter and is already following a few hundred people that you want to follow it can be time consuming to go one by one clicking follow.

Instead just add our chrome extension and a helpful bar will show up at the bottom of chrome when your on twitter.com.

If there is a Follow or Unfollow button on the current page.  It will give you a link to click that will automatically click all the follow or unfollow buttons for you.  

If the number to Follow or Un Follow seems incorrect just click Refresh and the bar will refresh with the current count

Take note it will stop working after awhile as twitter limits how many people u can follow per day

If you spend much time using twitter atall i think you will find this extension quite helpful.

Click here to install in Chrome:

Twitter Follower Helper for Chrome

Let me know in the comments below how it's worked for you.




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